How to Buy a Bread Machine

Last Sunday I went over to my crazy little sister who is a fitness expert and one the best cooks I have ever met. Though I also love to cook, but she can play with the flavours and make something new with everything ordinary. I was just sitting near the kitchen window, sipping my coffee when my eyes noticed a sweet little thing in the corner. On asking, she told me that it was her brand new bread machine. After an hour of telling me the benefits and all the other goodies of a bread machine, she finally convinced me to buy one.

My sister was there to guide me in buying the right one for my home. But, everyone doesn’t have someone like her. So, I took to the task of enlisting the various points to be considered while buying a bread machine.

how to buy bread machine

Money to be invested:

Well, it may sound awkward and even false to some, but a bread machine is an appliance whose size doesn’t affect the price of the same. I mean, you don’t have to pay for the size of the bread machine. The major price drivers are more controls and more taste and other options on the appliance. The cheap models tend to make uneven loaves, with less confirming texture and less fluff in the bread. As the models range in between $60 to $300, there is a bread machine for everyone. One of the brand which I would like to recommend is Breville. For more information on the best bread machines, read reviews by visiting the link.


You will not want a gadget which will create so noise in the morning that you will find taking a quick run to the supermarket and buying the bread an easier option. As the bread will require mixing and kneading of the dough, some machines (cheap ones mostly) produce a lot of sound. Some reports of the machine moving on its own and falling down have also surfaced. But the expensive and reputed brands’ machines will be sturdier and heavier and will be thus free from falling (just for laughs).

So, you can actually go for a demonstration of the machines before you purchase them.

Kneading Paddles:

The kneading paddles are the heart of the machine. There are a lot of options in them. Some machines come with ONE paddle, some with TWO, some have different paddles for the bread and pastas even. But, I think that it is better to have a machine with TWO paddles for proper mixing of the dough.

You should always ask whether the paddles are removable or not. After the mixing cycle is over, the paddles should be removed so that the bread turns out flawless and doesn’t have holes or impressions from the paddles.

Delayed Timer:

There are some very good bread machines which will love to welcome you daily in the morning with the freshly baked bread. You can add the ingredients at night before going to bed and set the timer to 4 am. The bread will be ready by the time you wake up and you don’t have to wake up early just to BAKE the bread.


You need a beep beep one to inform that the bread is ready or something is done right? Some people also love to have some fruits and nuts in their bread. I mean, what else have you brought the machine for, if you want that simple plain bread daily? So, there are machines which will let you know that it’s the right time to add those ingredients and they will beep you up. If you add them in the beginning, they will be crushed by the time bread is done.

Special controls:

Everyone loves something EXTRA. Right? So, fellas, there are bread machines which come with the settings for making gluten free bread, white bread, pizza dough, jam, cake, noodles, bread with seeds, wheat bread, sour dough bread and a lot more. So, choose the one you wish to have, keeping all these in mind.

Cost vs Quality:

The final thing to consider while making the purchase is that you should aim for the quality, but not at the cost of your wallet. I mean you need to pay bills too. The fairly priced machines will come with super sleek controls such as crust settings, bake without kneading the flour, sweet bread, French bread, wheat bread and how long would you like to raise the dough before baking.

This is all my sister told me and I passed onto you. And I have experienced myself that this actually is enough to find the one which suits you the best.

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