What is the best juicer for you?

Breville, Omega, Hurom, Champion are some of very good juicer brands. But which brand and model to choose among so many brands. No worries, Instawar magazine will make your life easy and will help you choose best within your budget.

green juiceFirst of all you should decide your priorities. What you want in a juicer? You should decide which kind of juicer you want to buy. If you want convenience and fast juicer you should buy a centrifugal juicer. Centrifugal juicers are really fast and have wide feed tube. You can easily feed produce without cutting in a centrifugal juicer. Just pop in whole apple inside feed tube and you will get fresh glass of juice in seconds. Pulp will get accumulated in separate container. And most centrifugal type juicers are breeze to clean immediately following juicing. But If you are health enthusiastic and take diet seriously then we will recommend you a slow juicer instead. Slow juicers are good for juicing everything including greens.We have slow juicer in our office. It works like charm. Slow juicer rotates slowly and preserves max nutrients inside juice. You will get most out of your organic produce. But slow juicers are not as convenient as centrifugal ejection type juicers.

Breville juicerAfter deciding kind of juicer you want set your budget. Juicers price may vary from $50 to $1500. Centrifugal juicers are cheaper than slow speed juicers. You can get best centrifugal juicer under $300. But slow juice would cost you more. Price of slow juicers can vary from $300 to $1500. Price will depend on quality of material used in construction and number of juicing gears. Single gear juicers will cost you less compared to twin gear juicers. After deciding budget go through various portals to read juicers reviews to find best juicer within your budget. If you want to buy centrifugal ejection type juicer, we will recommend you to buy Breville juice fountain elite. Juice fountain elite is best centrifugal juicer currently available in market. It is constructed using high quality stainless steel. If you are in market for slow juicer then will recommend you to buy Omega juicer. It’s really a good juicer and would cost you around 400 bucks.

One of the very good tip to make nutrient rich juice is to use organic grown fruits and vegetables. Organic produce will be pesticide free and won’t be doing anyone any harm.

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