Why I still use Cast Iron Cookware

Cast Iron PanIt was only yesterday when my sister came over to my house and we were chatting and cooking – the usual stuff. Just as I was about to toss the potatoes in my CAST IRON SKILLET, a big NO – NO came from her mouth, followed by all the facts about the reactivity, heat conduction and no non-stick nature of the cast iron cookware. I tried to explain to her that it is not so, but she wouldn’t believe. Finally, when I served her a really tasty and crispy potato hash after a few minutes, she went quite.

So, I thought to spread the word.

cast iron cookwareA lot of myths regarding the Cast Iron Cookware are doing rounds on the internet and especially in the households. Listen to them and you will feel as if cast iron cookware is a housewife’s nightmare. They ruin the acidic foods, get chipped easily, need very good maintenance and care and you forget to season it once, and it’s rendered useless.

Well, hear it from a cast iron cookware lover and user of past 10 years; the cast iron cookware makes the best, the crispiest, the tastiest and the most wonderful dishes (which your brain can connive of) and just a bit of oiling and the cookware will last for more than half a century. I mean one can easily find the VINTAGE Cast Iron Cookware which is about 75 years old. My cast iron cookware is still going strong.

So, here it is, I am going to put all the reasons for why I still have a partial side for my cast iron pans and skillets.

cast iron skilletThe cast iron skillets are going to serve you real well. They are extremely good for eggs, potato hash, fries, vegetable nuggets and many other things. The properly seasoned skillet will serve the properly cooked and the crispiest dishes ever. Yes, I agree that the cast iron heat conductance is poor and that the pan or the skillet will be heated differentially, but a small 5 to 10 minutes pre – heating session while keeping the cookware rotating in a minute or two will make the things work fine.

A lot of cookware come with the proper instructions for heating and cleaning, but the cast iron cookware will be sturdy for your whole lifetime and will require just an oiling session after each use. The open camp fires are the best friends of the cast iron cookware which is next to impossible with the non-stick pans. Another plus point is that the cast iron cookware IS NON-STICK. Ok. Not in the PVC way, but still, you can do almost everything on it given that it is seasoned correctly.

cast iron seasoningFor the seasoning, you have to just pour some canola oil on it and heat to high temperatures around 220 in an oven for about 90 minutes. Next you let Mr. HOT cool down and wipe it off. This will do the thing. Now you can use it as a non-stick ware too.

The cast iron ware is economical and they can be used to cook a variety of things. Some biscuits and gravy, a French toast, stir fries and even a brown chicken for your salad. You can almost avoid the scrubbing and soaping. Any kind of grout or dirt can be simply scrubbed away with the salt and oil. A good wipe will ensure that the seasoning is not damaged and the pans and skillets are clean.

Another dietary benefit is that the iron content will be entering the insides of your gut via the food which has been cooked in it.

So, cast iron cookware has a lot to it. Obviously, there are both advantages and disadvantages which are same as any other thing in the world. So, if you have one of those black beauties in your kitchen, why not make some nice pancakes or a stir fry or even an egg? And if you don’t have any of them, what are you waiting for? Click the next tab, order for a pan or skillet and keep the oven and oil ready. By the time the pans reach you, season it (if not pre-seasoned) and make that dish you have been wanting to.

Happy Cooking..!!!

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