How to Remove Suggested for You on Instagram?

Are you tired of constantly seeing suggested accounts on your Instagram feed? Whether it’s due to privacy concerns, personal preferences, or just sheer annoyance, there are ways to remove these suggestions and customize your Instagram experience.

Check out this guide on how to turn off Instagram suggestions for more information.

We will explore why you might want to remove suggested accounts, how to do it using simple steps like turning off similar account suggestions and clearing search history, and alternative strategies to consider.

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Key Takeaways:

  • Privacy concerns, personal preferences, and annoyance are common reasons for wanting to remove “Suggested for You” on Instagram.
  • Turn off similar account suggestions, clear search history, mute accounts, or use third-party apps to remove “Suggested for You” on Instagram.
  • Alternatively, you can use a private account, limit interactions with suggested accounts, create a separate browsing account, or use the “Explore” feature instead of removing “Suggested for You” on Instagram.
  • What Are Suggested for You on Instagram?

    Instagram’s ‘Suggestions for You’ feature utilizes a sophisticated algorithm to recommend accounts based on various factors such as mutual friends, behavioral patterns, and interests.

    This algorithm analyzes not only mutual connections but also considers user behaviors such as accounts followed, likes, comments, and interactions to suggest relevant profiles. By examining user interactions within the platform, Instagram can offer personalized recommendations that align with individual preferences based on their past activities.

    Creating these tailored suggestions enhances the overall user experience by fostering a sense of community and connection through shared interests and social circles.

    Why Do You Want to Remove Suggested for You on Instagram?

    Deleting suggested users on Instagram can be driven by various reasons, including privacy concerns, personal preferences, and user annoyance.

    One of the primary motivations behind removing suggested accounts on Instagram is to maintain a sense of privacy and control over one’s social media feed. With the platform’s algorithms constantly suggesting new profiles, some users may feel uncomfortable with the amount of data being used to curate these recommendations. Individuals have varying tastes and interests, leading them to prefer a more personalized experience on their feed.

    User annoyance plays a significant role in the decision to delete suggested users. Constantly seeing profiles that are irrelevant or uninteresting can be frustrating for users, impacting their overall satisfaction with the app. By removing these accounts, individuals can streamline their feed, making it more enjoyable and tailored to their preferences.

    Privacy Concerns

    Privacy concerns may arise when Instagram suggests accounts that are linked to social media profiles or personal information, prompting users to take actions to safeguard their data.

    When Instagram suggests users, it opens up the possibility of exposure to a wider network, potentially including strangers. This interconnectedness can lead to inadvertent sharing of personal information with individuals outside one’s immediate circle. The risks of these suggestions stem from the fact that they are based on algorithms that analyze user behavior and connections. These personalized recommendations can often reveal more about a user than they may realize.

    Protecting your privacy on Instagram

    entails being cautious about the accounts you choose to follow and minimizing the visibility of your personal information. By adjusting your account settings and limiting the information you share, you can mitigate the risks associated with suggested users and maintain better control over your online security.

    Personal Preferences

    Personal preferences play a significant role in the decision to remove suggested users on Instagram, as users may wish to curate their feed based on their interests and connections.

    Instagram provides several customization options within account settings that give the power to users to tailor their experience on the platform. By adjusting settings, users can dictate the type of content they want to see, control who can interact with their posts, and manage notifications based on their preferences.

    Users can choose to follow accounts that resonate with their interests, diversifying their feed to include a variety of content. This personalized approach enhances user satisfaction and engagement, creating a more enjoyable browsing experience on the app.


    User annoyance with suggested users may stem from frequent notifications, unwanted followers, or irrelevant content appearing on their profile, prompting the desire to remove these recommendations.

    One of the most frustrating aspects for users is the incessant barrage of notifications suggesting new accounts to follow. This flood of notifications can overwhelm users, cluttering their feed and causing a sense of intrusion into their personal space. Unwanted followers resulting from these suggestions can lead to privacy concerns and unwanted interactions. Users often find themselves grappling with how to maintain control over their follower list while avoiding offending or alienating those they do not wish to follow.

    How to Remove Suggested for You on Instagram?

    To remove suggested accounts on Instagram, users can follow simple instructions to customize their feed, unfollow unwanted profiles, and enhance their overall browsing experience.

    Navigate to your Instagram profile and tap on the three horizontal lines in the top right corner to access the menu. From there, select ‘Settings’ and then ‘Account.’ Next, go to ‘Following and Followers’ and choose ‘Accounts You Follow.’ Scroll through the list of accounts and identify the unwanted ones that you wish to unfollow. Simply tap ‘Following’ next to their profile and select ‘Unfollow.’ By doing this, you can optimize your feed to better suit your interests and prevent Instagram from suggesting similar profiles in the future.

    Turn Off Similar Account Suggestions

    Users can disable Similar Account Suggestions on Instagram by adjusting their settings to tailor their feed and reduce the visibility of recommended profiles.

    Open the Instagram app on your device and navigate to your profile page. From there, tap on the three horizontal lines in the top right corner to access the menu options. Scroll down and select ‘Settings’ at the bottom of the menu list.

    Once in the ‘Settings’ menu, tap on ‘Account’ and then choose ‘Discover People’. Here, you will find the option to toggle off ‘Similar Account Suggestions’. By turning this setting off, you can have more control over the content that appears on your feed and limit the number of recommended accounts that show up.

    Clear Search History

    Clearing search history on Instagram can help users manage their suggested users by resetting personalized recommendations and improving the relevance of their feed.

    Open the Instagram app on your mobile device and log in to your account. Once logged in, navigate to your profile by tapping on your profile picture at the bottom right corner of the screen. From your profile, tap on the three horizontal lines at the top right corner to open the menu. Scroll down the menu and select ‘Settings’. Within the Settings menu, locate and tap on ‘Security’. Under the Security section, find and tap on ‘Clear Search History’. Confirm the action when prompted. Voila! Your search history is now cleared, giving you a fresh start for personalized recommendations.

    Mute Accounts

    The option to mute accounts on Instagram give the power tos users to control their feed by silencing content from specific profiles without unfollowing or deleting them.

    By leveraging the mute feature, users can effectively manage the content they see on their feed, creating a personalized browsing experience. This tool is particularly handy for handling accounts that may post excessively or share content that does not align with the user’s interests.

    Muting accounts allows users to take a more considerate approach in managing their social connections. Instead of unfollowing someone, which might lead to awkward encounters or hurt feelings, muting provides a discreet way to tailor the content they consume without causing any disturbances.

    Use Third-Party Apps

    Third-party apps can offer additional functionalities to enhance the Instagram experience, including tools that assist in managing suggested users based on user preferences and device information.

    Dive into the app store and explore various third-party applications that are designed to provide specialized features catering to individual Instagram needs. By leveraging the insights gathered from your device information, these tools can curate a list of recommended accounts that align with your interests and online behavior. From sorting suggestions by categories to prioritizing accounts you frequently engage with, these apps offer a tailored approach to managing your Instagram connections.

    What Are the Alternatives to Removing Suggested for You on Instagram?

    While deleting suggested users is an option, alternatives exist such as using a private account, limiting interactions with suggestions, and leveraging location-based preferences for tailored recommendations.

    Opting for a private account on Instagram can provide a higher level of privacy and control over who views your content and interacts with you. By restricting access to your profile, you can filter out unwanted suggestions and create a more personalized environment.

    Managing interactions with recommendations by strategically engaging only with content that aligns with your interests can signal to the algorithm the type of users you prefer to connect with. Utilizing location settings to enhance your Instagram experience can result in receiving more relevant suggestions based on your geographic location and interests.

    Use Private Account

    Switching to a private account on Instagram can provide users with greater control over their followers and content visibility, reducing the impact of suggested users on their feed.

    When you opt for a private account, all incoming follower requests need your approval first before they can see your profile or posts, enhancing your privacy. By customizing your account settings, you can also restrict unwanted interactions and comments. With a private account, you can share moments with only those you genuinely trust, fostering a more intimate online community. This setting allows you to manage who can tag you in posts, ensuring a more tailored browsing experience.

    Limit Your Interactions with Suggested Accounts

    By limiting interactions with suggested accounts on Instagram, users can influence the platform’s recommendations based on their preferences and behavioral patterns.

    Users can control their interactions by being mindful of the content they engage with and the accounts they follow. This allows them to shape the algorithm’s understanding of their interests and tailor the suggestions accordingly.

    By adjusting their engagement levels with recommended profiles, users can actively curate a feed that aligns more closely with their tastes and preferences. It’s important to interact with accounts that genuinely interest them and avoid unnecessary engagement with content that may skew their recommendations.

    Create a Separate Account for Browsing

    Establishing a separate account dedicated to browsing activities on Instagram can help users explore content without affecting their main profile or receiving unwanted suggestions.

    By creating specialized browsing accounts, individuals can curate their feed based on specific interests or themes, allowing for a more tailored and enjoyable browsing experience. This segregation enables users to engage with different communities, trends, and genres without cluttering their primary account.

    Having distinct accounts for various purposes can prevent confusion and streamline the viewing process, as each profile serves a particular function or focus. It also helps in managing privacy concerns and maintaining a cleaner, more organized feed for personal content.

    Use Instagram’s ‘Explore’ Feature Instead

    Opting for Instagram’s ‘Explore’ feature presents an alternative to suggested users, allowing users to discover new content, trends, and accounts to fuel their growth and engagement.

    When users navigate to the ‘Explore’ tab on Instagram, they are greeted with a curated selection of posts, accounts, and hashtags based on their interests and behavior on the platform. This personalized experience enhances user satisfaction by introducing them to diverse content that aligns with their preferences.

    Users have the freedom to explore a variety of topics, ranging from fashion and travel to food and wellness, all within a few swipes. The ‘Explore’ feature showcases trending content and emerging creators, enabling users to stay up-to-date with the latest happenings and engage with like-minded individuals.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. How do I remove the “Suggested for You” section on Instagram?

    To remove the “Suggested for You” section on Instagram, go to your profile and click on the three horizontal lines in the top right corner. Then, go to Settings and click on Privacy. From there, select “Suggested Accounts” and toggle off the option for “Show Suggested Accounts.”

    2. Can I choose which accounts appear in the “Suggested for You” section?

    Unfortunately, you cannot choose which accounts appear in the “Suggested for You” section on Instagram. The suggestions are based on your activity on the app, such as accounts you follow and posts you like.

    3. Why do I keep seeing the same accounts in the “Suggested for You” section?

    The “Suggested for You” section on Instagram is constantly updated based on your activity on the app. If you keep seeing the same accounts, it could mean that you have interacted with those accounts frequently or they are similar to accounts you already follow.

    4. Will removing the “Suggested for You” section affect my feed or recommended posts?

    No, removing the “Suggested for You” section will not affect your feed or recommended posts. It only removes the section from your profile, but your activity on the app will still be used to suggest accounts and posts.

    5. How often does the “Suggested for You” section update?

    The “Suggested for You” section on Instagram updates frequently, usually based on your recent activity on the app. This means that the suggestions may change daily or even multiple times a day.

    6. Can I turn off the “Suggested for You” section for certain types of accounts?

    Currently, there is no option to turn off the “Suggested for You” section for specific types of accounts. However, you can choose to hide individual suggested accounts by tapping on the three dots next to their username and selecting “Hide.”

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