How to Call on Instagram Without Video?

Instagram is not just a platform for sharing photos and videos; it also offers a convenient way to connect with others through calls.

Learn how to make a call on Instagram without video, as well as alternatives to calling on the platform.

Explore the pros and cons of calling on Instagram, and get tips for making a successful call.

Discover everything you need to know about making calls on Instagram!

Key Takeaways:

  • Calling on Instagram is a convenient way to communicate with friends and family, without the need for a video call.
  • To call on Instagram without video, simply select the audio option before placing the call.
  • There are alternatives to calling on Instagram, such as using third-party apps, direct messages, or voice notes.
  • What Is Instagram?

    Instagram is a popular social media platform that allows users to share photos, videos, and stories with their followers.

    It stands out for its messaging capabilities with Instagram Direct, enabling private conversations for a more personalized interaction. Plus messaging, users can also make video calls and voice calls through the platform, offering diverse ways to connect with their audience. Another noteworthy aspect is its cross-platform compatibility, supporting Android, iOS, Windows, and macOS devices, ensuring a wide reach for users. Instagram provides a web version, allowing users to access the platform from their PCs, expanding convenience and accessibility. Interestingly, Instagram has deepened its social media integration by partnering with Twitter, enhancing the connection and sharing possibilities between the two platforms.

    What Is the Purpose of Calling on Instagram?

    The purpose of calling on Instagram is to connect with friends through audio or video calls, initiate group calls for group interactions, and engage in real-time conversations. The platform offers features like FaceTime, call muting, red phone icons for calls, and troubleshooting options for any issues that may arise during calls.

    When using Instagram for making calls, users can easily switch between audio and video modes to suit their communication needs.

    • Group calls enable multiple participants to join in the conversation, fostering collaboration and interaction.
    • The option to mute calls provides users with the flexibility to control their audio input during conversations.
    • With the ability to browse the feed while on a call, users can multitask and stay updated without interrupting the conversation.

    Common troubleshooting steps, such as ensuring a stable internet connection, updating the app to the latest version, and checking microphone and camera settings, can help resolve most call-related issues efficiently.

    How to Make a Call on Instagram?

    Making a call on Instagram involves navigating the user-friendly interface, selecting a contact, and initiating a call through the call button. Users can also join ongoing calls, expand the call screen, mute or unmute themselves, and troubleshoot any technical difficulties that may occur during the call.

    Once the call is initiated, users have access to several features to enhance their call experience. By tapping on the screen, they can expand the call interface to view participants, activate the camera for video calls, or switch to speaker mode for convenience.

    For added privacy, users can mute themselves or others, and even send messages during the call if needed. If encountering any issues, they can troubleshoot by checking internet connectivity, updating the app, or restarting the device.

    What Are the Steps to Call Someone on Instagram?

    To call someone on Instagram, locate the contact using the phone icon, select from your contact list, and initiate the call. Ensure you are using the latest version of the app available on the Google Play Store or Apple App Store, and have an active account without sensitive content restrictions.

    Locating the contact through the phone icon is the first step towards connecting with your friends or family on Instagram. Once you have located the desired contact, selecting them from your contact list makes the process even smoother. By having the most recent Instagram app version downloaded from the official app stores, you guarantee a seamless calling experience free from any glitches or bugs. Maintaining an active account is essential for the call to go through without any hindrances. It’s also crucial to ensure that there are no sensitive content restrictions on your account, which could interfere with the call initiation process.

    How to Call on Instagram Without Video?

    To make a voice call on Instagram without video, use the phone icon to initiate the call, select the contact from your list, and utilize the call button for audio-only communication. Ensure that you have the latest version of the Instagram app downloaded from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store.

    When starting a voice call on Instagram, you can locate the phone icon at the top right of the conversation screen. Tapping this icon will prompt the option to choose between a voice call and a video call. Select the voice call option, followed by picking the desired contact from your list. Once you have selected the contact, hit the call button to initiate the voice call. For the best experience, always keep your Instagram app updated by regularly checking for updates on the official app distribution platforms.

    What Are the Alternatives to Calling on Instagram?

    Alternatives to calling on Instagram include using third-party apps for communication, leveraging Instagram Direct Messages for private conversations, sending voice notes to contacts, and initiating group video calls to interact with multiple users simultaneously. Additional features such as ‘Watch Together’ and screen sharing enhance the communication experience.

    Utilizing third-party apps like WhatsApp, Telegram, or Signal can be a great way to communicate with a wider range of features and privacy options than Instagram’s native calling feature. Instagram Direct Messages provide a secure and convenient platform for one-on-one or small group conversations without the need for a phone call.

    • Sending voice notes is perfect for conveying emotions or messages that may be easily misunderstood in text form, offering a more personal touch to your communication.
    • Organizing group video calls can be an excellent method to connect with friends, family, or colleagues in a lively and interactive way, fostering a sense of community even when physically apart.
    • The ‘Watch Together’ feature allows users to view content simultaneously with their friends, making virtual hangouts more engaging and entertaining.
    • Screen sharing is a valuable tool for collaboration, presentations, or simply sharing content with others, enhancing the overall communication experience on Instagram.

    Using Third-Party Apps

    Supplementing Instagram’s native calling features, users can opt for third-party apps to facilitate group calls, screen sharing, and overcome any technical issues. These apps provide additional functionalities such as turning off the camera, muting calls, and enabling voice-only communication through intuitive interfaces.

    One popular third-party app that comes in handy for group video calls is Zoom. Zoom allows users to host meetings with large groups, share screens for presentations or troubleshooting, and offers a user-friendly interface for smooth interaction. Apps like WhatsApp and Skype offer features like call muting, camera deactivation, and voice calls, making them suitable choices for diverse communication needs.

    Using Instagram Direct Messages

    Utilizing Instagram Direct Messages as an alternative to calling enables private and direct conversations with contacts. Users can share screens, tap on the message button, receive notifications for new messages, expand chat windows, and troubleshoot any communication issues effectively.

    When engaging in a conversation through Instagram Direct Messages, users have the flexibility to share their screens, which can be particularly useful for discussing visual content or troubleshooting tech-related queries.

    By simply tapping the message button, individuals can swiftly respond to incoming messages, ensuring quick and seamless communication flow.

    The ability to receive notifications for new messages ensures that users stay updated and do not miss out on any important conversations within the platform.

    Using Instagram Voice Notes

    Sending voice notes on Instagram offers a convenient way to communicate without engaging in live voice or video calls.

    Users can simply tap on the voice call icon within a chat or direct message thread to initiate a voice note recording, enabling a real-time interaction that doesn’t demand immediate responses like a traditional call would. The platform allows users to manage notifications around voice messages, ensuring that they can stay updated with incoming voice notes without being overwhelmed by constant alerts.

    Should users encounter any issues during a conversation, troubleshooting call-related problems is relatively straightforward. Issues like distorted voice recordings, playback errors, or connectivity problems can often be resolved by checking internet connectivity, app settings, and device compatibility.

    • Customizing voice note settings further enhances the user experience on Instagram. Users can adjust microphone permissions, control who can send them voice notes, set playback speeds, and even opt to mute or unmute voice notes for specific chats or individuals.

    What Are the Pros and Cons of Calling on Instagram?

    Calling on Instagram presents various benefits, such as seamless communication with friends and followers, but also comes with challenges like potential technical issues and privacy concerns. Users can download the latest version from app stores, be mindful of sensitive content restrictions, and connect while maintaining privacy and security.

    One of the significant advantages of making calls on Instagram is the ability to reach out to a wide network of contacts with ease, fostering stronger connections and interactions.

    The integration of video calls within the platform adds a personal touch to conversations, enabling users to engage more intimately than traditional messaging.

    Despite these benefits, it’s crucial for users to be cautious of potential drawbacks such as network connectivity issues that may disrupt calls unexpectedly.


    The pros of calling on Instagram include the ability to expand call screens, mute calls for privacy, browse feeds during voice or video calls, enable group video calls for multiple interactions, and turn off cameras as needed. The red phone icon signifies the call status and enhances user experience.

    Expanding on the advantages, Instagram’s call feature allows users the convenience of enlarging the call screen to focus on visuals or details they want to emphasize during a call. The ability to mute calls ensures privacy when needed, providing users with control over their audio input. With the option to browse feeds while on a call, users can multitask more efficiently, staying connected with their social media content even during conversations.

    The group video call functionality on Instagram encourages collaborative discussions, making it ideal for virtual gatherings or business meetings with multiple participants. The camera deactivation option offers users the flexibility to remain engaged in calls without having their video displayed, offering privacy and comfort as per their preferences.


    The cons of calling on Instagram may include occasional technical issues that require troubleshooting, queries regarding call reception, contact list management, the necessity of the latest app version, and limitations in calling specific individuals. Users can refer to FAQs for common problems and ensure seamless call connections.

    Technical challenges when making calls on Instagram can range from connectivity issues, sound problems, to interface glitches that impact the call experience. Users might also face uncertainties about how calls are received, especially if notifications are not prompt or if the app fails to ring. Managing contacts efficiently within the Instagram calling feature can be a hassle, particularly for those with extensive contact lists across various platforms.

    Having the most up-to-date app version on both ends is crucial for smooth calling functionality. Outdated versions may result in compatibility issues, poor call quality, or even lead to calls not going through. It’s important to note that Instagram imposes certain restrictions on who users can call, possibly due to privacy settings or account preferences.

    For additional support, users can turn to the FAQs section provided by Instagram to address common issues and find solutions. To ensure a seamless calling experience, users should regularly update their app, check their internet connection, and optimize their contact list organization for easier access during calls.

    How to Make a Successful Call on Instagram?

    To ensure a successful call on Instagram, prioritize a strong internet connection, use headphones or hands-free devices for clear audio, select a quiet and private location for uninterrupted conversations, verify the availability of the person being called, and consider time zone differences to coordinate calls effectively.

    It is crucial to check your internet speed and stability before initiating a call, as a weak connection can lead to pixelated video and distorted sound. Investing in a pair of quality headphones or hands-free gadgets can significantly enhance the audio clarity, making your conversations more enjoyable.

    When choosing a spot for your call, opt for a well-lit and noise-free environment to ensure excellent audio and video quality. It’s essential to inform the person you plan to call beforehand to avoid disruptions and ensure a focused conversation.

    Always double-check the recipient’s availability before dialing in to prevent inconveniences or missed connections. Being mindful of time zone disparities is essential for scheduling calls at mutually convenient times, promoting seamless communication and mutual understanding.

    Make Sure You Have a Strong Internet Connection

    Having a robust internet connection is crucial for uninterrupted calls on Instagram, especially during group calls where connectivity issues can disrupt conversations. Users should be mindful of time zones, address any connectivity problems promptly, and use the phone icon to switch between voice and video calls as necessary.

    In terms of group calls on Instagram, a stable internet connection is the backbone of seamless communication. Picture this – you’re in a virtual meeting with friends or colleagues spread across different locations; the last thing you want is your connection dropping out mid-conversation. To mitigate this potential annoyance, it’s essential to ensure your internet connection is strong and reliable.

    Dealing with varying time zones can make scheduling group calls a bit tricky. To handle this efficiently, consider using time zone converter tools or establishing a regular time slot that works for everyone involved.

    If you encounter connectivity challenges during a call, troubleshooting steps like restarting your router, checking your Wi-Fi signal strength, or switching to mobile data might help resolve the issue. Don’t hesitate to explore these options to keep the call running smoothly.

    Instagram provides users with the flexibility to toggle between voice and video calls effortlessly. By leveraging these call options within the platform’s interface, you can adapt to the current conversation’s dynamics or preferences of the participants. Whether it’s a quick catch-up or a formal discussion, having the choice between voice and video calls can enhance your communication experience on Instagram.

    Use Headphones or a Hands-Free Device

    Employing headphones or hands-free devices enhances the audio quality during Instagram calls, offering clarity and reducing background noise for improved communication. Users can effortlessly join calls, navigate the user interface, manage screen displays, mute audio when needed, and troubleshoot common issues using the platform’s features.

    When using headphones or hands-free accessories on Instagram calls, you are able to immerse yourself fully in the conversation without being distracted by external sounds. The crystal-clear audio ensures that every word is heard, enhancing the overall call experience.

    In terms of joining calls, the process is straightforward and seamless. With just a few taps, you can enter a call and begin communicating with others. The user-friendly interface of Instagram makes it easy to navigate through different options, such as switching between audio and video mode or accessing call settings.

    Managing screen displays during calls is also a convenient feature. You can choose to focus on the video feed or collapse it to solely concentrate on the conversation. This flexibility allows you to customize your viewing experience based on your preferences.

    The ability to mute audio when needed provides users with control over their audio input, especially in noisy environments. Whether you need to briefly mute yourself or silence background noise, this feature ensures that your communication remains clear and uninterrupted.

    Instagram offers built-in solutions to troubleshoot common call-related problems. From addressing connectivity issues to resolving audio discrepancies, the platform provides support to ensure smooth and uninterrupted call experiences.

    Find a Quiet and Private Location

    Selecting a quiet and private location for Instagram calls ensures optimal audio quality and minimizes disturbances during conversations.

    When setting up an Instagram call, it’s essential to consider the privacy angle. Be mindful of who can access your call, as managing contact lists prevents sharing sensitive content inadvertently. The ability to mute calls comes in handy, allowing users to control audio output instantaneously.

    Visual cues like the red phone icon help in recognizing the status of ongoing calls, keeping users informed. Engaging in voice calls adds a personal touch, enhancing the interaction experience. The option to browse feeds while on a call ensures uninterrupted usage, making multitasking a breeze.

    Make Sure the Person You’re Calling Is Available

    Confirming the availability of the individual you wish to call on Instagram is essential to ensure meaningful conversations and avoid disruptions.

    When dealing with time zone differences, schedule calls at mutually convenient times to guarantee a smooth conversation flow. Remember to respect the recipient’s availability and set up calls accordingly. Utilize the call button feature on Instagram to swiftly kickstart your conversations with ease. It’s vital to keep your app updated to benefit from the latest enhancements and bug fixes, ensuring a seamless calling experience.

    Should you encounter any technical difficulties during a call, troubleshoot common issues like poor internet connection or low battery promptly to prevent interruptions. Consider exploring alternative communication methods such as FaceTime for a more immersive and engaging interaction with your contacts.

    Final Thoughts and Recommendations

    As the discussion concludes, final thoughts on Instagram revolve around leveraging its diverse communication options, engaging with the player community through private conversations, tapping on the message button for seamless interactions, receiving calls for instant connections, sharing screens for collaborative experiences, addressing issues promptly, and utilizing troubleshooting methods effectively.

    For those seeking to excel in their Instagram communication game, it’s essential to understand the power of community engagement. By actively participating in conversations, responding to comments, and joining relevant groups, users can foster a sense of belonging and loyalty. Utilizing the message button strategically can lead to meaningful interactions and networking opportunities.

    Being open to receiving calls can pave the way for real-time discussions, sharing ideas, and connecting on a deeper level. Embracing screen sharing during interactions adds a visual dimension, enhancing the overall communication experience.

    When issues arise, it’s crucial to address them promptly and transparently. Utilizing the platform’s troubleshooting features effectively can help resolve any communication hiccups with ease, ensuring smooth interactions and building stronger connections within the community.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How to Call on Instagram Without Video?

    Calling on Instagram without video is a great way to connect with your friends and family without the pressure of being on camera. Here are some frequently asked questions about how to make calls on Instagram without video.

    1. Can I make calls on Instagram without using video?

    Yes, you can make calls on Instagram without using video. When you click on the video call button, simply choose the “voice call” option instead of the default “video call” option.

    2. Will I still be able to see the person I’m calling if I choose voice call?

    No, if you choose the voice call option on Instagram, you will not be able to see the person you are calling. This is a strictly audio call option.

    3. Are there any additional features on a voice call compared to a video call?

    Yes, there are a few additional features on a voice call compared to a video call. These include the ability to mute and unmute your microphone, as well as switch to speakerphone mode.

    4. Can I switch from a voice call to a video call mid-call?

    Yes, you can switch from a voice call to a video call mid-call. Simply click on the video button during the call to switch to video mode.

    5. Can I receive voice calls on Instagram?

    No, Instagram only allows users to make voice calls, not receive them. If someone is calling you on Instagram, it will automatically be a video call.

    6. Is there a limit to how long I can make a voice call on Instagram?

    There is currently no time limit on voice calls made on Instagram. You can talk for as long as you like with your friends and family.

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