How to Igtv on Instagram?

IGTV, or Instagram TV, is a feature on Instagram that allows users to create and share long-form videos. If you’re wondering how to access IGTV, create a channel, upload videos, or even monetize your content, this article has got you covered. From the requirements for IGTV videos to tips on promoting your content and making money from it, we’ll walk you through everything you need to know about this exciting platform. Let’s dive in and explore the world of IGTV on Instagram!

Key Takeaways:

  • 1. IGTV on Instagram allows users to upload longer videos, making it perfect for creators and businesses to share more content and engage with their audience.
  • 2. IGTV can be accessed through both the standalone app or the Instagram app, making it convenient for users to watch and create content on the go.
  • 3. To create a successful IGTV channel, it is important to follow the requirements for videos, promote them through various channels, and explore monetization options such as partnerships and ads.
  • What is IGTV on Instagram?

    IGTV on Instagram is a feature that allows users to post long-form videos on the platform.

    IGTV, standing for Instagram TV, was introduced as a means for users to share video content exceeding the usual time limits on the platform. This feature enables creators to engage with their audience in a more immersive manner, offering a space for longer narratives, tutorials, or behind-the-scenes glimpses. By tapping into IGTV, users can access a dedicated space for viewing vertical videos, tailored to smartphone users’ preferences, enhancing the user experience on the mobile app. This platform extension has opened up new possibilities for content creators and influencers to captivate their followers with extended video content.

    How to Access IGTV?

    Accessing IGTV can be done through both the IGTV App and the Instagram App.

    When using the standalone IGTV App, start by downloading it from the App Store or Google Play Store. Once installed, log in using your Instagram credentials. You will find a user-friendly interface displaying a wide range of videos. To explore content, browse through the different categories or search for specific channels or creators. The app also suggests personalized content based on your interests and follows. Learn how to find IGTV in Instagram easily.

    Alternatively, within the main Instagram App, tap on the IGTV icon located on the top right corner of the screen. This takes you to the IGTV section where you can view videos from accounts you follow, popular content, and more. You can also access IGTV by visiting an account that has uploaded IGTV videos and tapping on the IGTV tab to explore their video content.

    Through the IGTV App

    To access IGTV through the IGTV App, users can download the app from their mobile app store and log in to upload videos.

    Once the IGTV app is successfully downloaded on your mobile device, open the application to begin the process. Upon opening, you will be prompted to log in using your existing Instagram credentials or create a new account if you are a new user. This step ensures seamless integration with your Instagram profile.

    After logging in, you gain access to the IGTV platform’s home screen, where you can explore various video content from creators worldwide. To upload your own videos, simply navigate to the profile section and locate the ‘Upload’ button. Click on it to select the video you wish to share from your device’s gallery.

    This straightforward process allows users to personalize their IGTV channel, connect with audiences, and showcase their creativity effortlessly.

    Through Instagram App

    IGTV can also be accessed through the Instagram App by navigating to the IGTV section within the app.

    To access IGTV in the Instagram app, tap on the Instagram icon to open the app. Once you’re in the Instagram homepage, look for the IGTV icon usually located at the top right corner of the screen, right next to the direct message symbol. By clicking on the IGTV icon, you’ll be directed to the IGTV section where you can explore a wide range of IGTV content from accounts you follow, popular videos, and recommendations tailored just for you.

    How to Create an IGTV Channel?

    Creating an IGTV channel on Instagram enables creators to showcase their long-form video content to their audience.

    Setting up an IGTV channel is simple and can significantly boost engagement with your followers.

    1. To begin, access the Instagram app on your mobile device.
    2. Navigate to your profile and tap on the ‘+’ icon.
    3. From the options that appear, select ‘IGTV Video.’
    4. You’ll then be prompted to create your channel by filling in details such as a title and description.
    5. Once your channel is set up, you can start uploading videos up to 15 minutes long (or up to 60 minutes for some accounts).

    How to Upload an IGTV Video?

    Uploading an IGTV video involves selecting the video, adding a title, description, and relevant hashtags before publishing it on the platform.

    First and foremost, choose a video that you believe will resonate with your audience – it could be a tutorial, behind-the-scenes look, or a creative montage. Ensure your video meets the IGTV requirements (vertical format, 15 seconds to 10 minutes long for regular accounts, and up to 60 minutes for verified accounts).

    Next, craft a compelling title that grabs attention but is also descriptive. In the description, provide context about the content, include relevant links, and engage your viewers. Don’t forget the power of utilizing hashtags. Incorporate trending or industry-specific hashtags to increase visibility and attract a wider audience.

    From IGTV App

    Using the IGTV App, creators can upload videos ranging from a few minutes to an hour in length to share on their channel.

    When uploading videos to IGTV, creators have the flexibility to choose between different video durations, catering to various content types and audience preferences. The process of publishing content on IGTV is straightforward; creators first need to open the app and navigate to the upload section. From there, they can select the video they wish to share, add a compelling title and description to attract viewers, and choose a cover image that encapsulates the essence of the video. After finalizing these details, creators can hit the ‘Publish’ button to make their content accessible to their followers and the wider Instagram community.

    From Instagram App

    In the Instagram App, users can upload videos directly to IGTV by selecting the ‘IGTV’ option when posting a new video.

    Once a user chooses the ‘IGTV’ option, they have the flexibility to upload videos up to an hour in length, which is a unique feature that sets IGTV apart from regular Instagram posts. Users can customize their video title, description, cover image, and add relevant hashtags to increase visibility within the IGTV platform. It’s also worth noting that IGTV provides creators with insights and analytics to monitor their video performance and engagement levels, helping them tailor future content for their audience’s preferences.

    What are the Requirements for IGTV Videos?

    IGTV videos must adhere to specific requirements regarding length, format, and size to ensure optimal viewing quality.

    When creating IGTV content, it’s essential to keep in mind that videos should be between 15 seconds and 10 minutes long, with larger accounts having the ability to post videos up to 60 minutes. The preferred format for IGTV videos is MP4, and the aspect ratio should be between 4:5 and 9:16. In terms of size, videos must be less than 650MB for videos less than 10 minutes, and less than 3.6GB for videos up to 60 minutes.

    Video Length

    IGTV videos can range from 15 seconds to 60 minutes, providing creators with flexibility in video duration.

    Having a wide range in video length allows content creators to experiment with different formats and styles, catering to their audience preferences and content goals. Shorter videos of 15-30 seconds are great for quick updates, teasers, or behind-the-scenes glimpses, while longer videos, up to 60 minutes, offer an opportunity for in-depth tutorials, interviews, or documentaries.

    This variance in video duration enables creators to showcase their storytelling skills effectively, adapting the length based on the complexity of the content being shared. It also gives viewers a diverse viewing experience, keeping them engaged with a mix of short and long-form videos.

    Video Format

    IGTV videos should be in vertical format with a minimum aspect ratio to optimize viewing on mobile devices.

    Opting for a vertical orientation ensures that the content fills the screen and captures the viewer’s attention more effectively. This is particularly crucial for IGTV, as it caters to an audience predominantly viewing content on their mobile devices. By adhering to specific aspect ratios, such as 9:16, creators enhance the visual experience, making it more engaging and dynamic.

    Video Size

    To ensure smooth playback, IGTV videos should meet size requirements specified by the platform to maintain quality.

    IGTV has specific video size guidelines to ensure the best viewing experience for its users. Video size compliance is crucial as it impacts both the quality of the content and how it is displayed on the platform. By adhering to IGTV’s recommended

      video size specifications, creators can prevent issues like distortion or pixelation that may occur when uploading videos that are not optimized. This helps in retaining viewer engagement and enhancing the overall user experience on the platform.

    How to Promote IGTV Videos?

    Promoting IGTV videos involves leveraging various strategies such as sharing on Instagram Feed and Stories, using hashtags, and collaborating with other creators.

    One effective strategy for gaining exposure for your IGTV videos is to cross-promote them on other social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. By tapping into different audiences on these platforms, you can drive more traffic to your IGTV channel. Utilizing Instagram Stories to tease snippets of your IGTV content can pique curiosity and prompt followers to check out the full video. Hashtags play a crucial role in increasing discoverability on Instagram. Research and use relevant hashtags in your posts to reach a broader audience interested in similar content.

    Share on Instagram Feed and Stories

    Sharing IGTV videos on both Instagram Feed and Stories can boost visibility and engagement with a wider audience.

    When you share your IGTV videos across multiple channels on Instagram, you are not only reaching your existing followers but also tapping into the potential of a broader audience base. By leveraging the different features of Instagram Feed and Stories, you can create multiple touchpoints for your content, increasing the chances of capturing the attention of users scrolling through their feeds or browsing Stories.

    This cross-promotion strategy allows you to showcase your video content in various formats, catering to different viewing preferences. When your IGTV videos appear on both Feed and Stories, they benefit from the visibility boost provided by the Instagram algorithm, making them more likely to appear on users’ feeds organically.

    Use Hashtags and Captions

    Incorporating relevant hashtags and captivating captions can increase the discoverability and appeal of IGTV videos.

    Hashtags play a crucial role in categorizing your content which makes it easier for users to find your videos amidst the sea of content on Instagram. By using popular hashtags that are specific to your niche, you can attract a larger audience to your IGTV channel.

    Captions provide context and storytelling to your videos, engaging viewers and encouraging them to interact with your content. Crafting engaging captions that complement your video content can significantly boost viewer engagement and interaction.

    Collaborate with Other Creators

    Collaborating with other creators on IGTV can help expand reach, build partnerships, and create diverse content for mutual benefit.

    By teaming up with fellow content producers on IGTV, creators can tap into each other’s existing followers and fan base, instantly broadening their audience reach. This expanded visibility can lead to increased follower counts, higher engagement rates, and ultimately greater exposure among the platform’s user base.

    Collaborating with other creators opens up the possibility of forming strong partnerships within the industry. These partnerships can range from co-branded content to joint marketing campaigns, presenting monetization opportunities and organic growth strategies.

    Working with diverse creators brings a variety of perspectives, styles, and expertise to the table, enriching the content landscape on IGTV and attracting a wider array of viewers. This diversified content offering not only keeps the audience engaged but also enhances the overall quality and relevance of the platform.

    How to Monetize IGTV Videos?

    Monetizing IGTV videos can be achieved through partnerships with brands, affiliate marketing programs, and enabling advertisements on the videos.

    Brand partnerships are one of the most common avenues for monetizing IGTV content. By collaborating with brands that align with your content and audience, you can create sponsored videos or integrate products seamlessly into your posts. This not only generates revenue but also enhances your credibility as a content creator.

    Affiliate marketing is another effective strategy for monetizing IGTV videos. By promoting products or services and earning a commission on sales made through your unique affiliate links, you can leverage your influence to drive sales and earn passive income.

    Enabling advertisements on your videos is a straightforward way to monetize IGTV content. Once your channel meets the eligibility criteria, you can earn a share of the ad revenue generated from the commercials displayed before, during, or after your videos.

    Partner with Brands

    Collaborating with brands for sponsored content on IGTV can offer creators monetization opportunities and exposure to a wider audience.

    Partnering with established brands can bring in considerable financial rewards by leveraging their marketing budgets for sponsored content creation. This type of collaboration not only provides a source of income for the content creator but also enhances their credibility and visibility among a broader set of viewers.

    Working with brands can lead to the development of long-term partnerships that offer consistent opportunities for creating engaging and diverse content. By aligning with well-known brands, creators can tap into the loyal customer base of these companies, expanding their reach and gaining access to new followers who might not have discovered their content otherwise.

    Use Affiliate Marketing

    Leveraging affiliate marketing on IGTV allows creators to earn commissions through promoting products or services in their videos.

    Affiliate marketing is a powerful tool for content creators on IGTV to tap into a new revenue stream. By partnering with brands and businesses, creators can showcase products that align with their content and niche, earning a commission for every sale generated through their unique affiliate link. This strategy not only monetizes their content but also allows them to build stronger relationships with their audience by recommending products they genuinely believe in. It’s a win-win situation where creators can leverage their influence to drive sales and earn passive income.

    Enable Ads on Videos

    Enabling advertisements on IGTV videos can generate revenue for creators based on ad views and interactions from the audience.

    When creators opt to enable ads on their IGTV content, they open up a new avenue to monetize their videos. This feature allows for the integration of short, targeted ads within the video content, creating opportunities for creators to earn through ad revenue. The amount of revenue generated depends on factors such as the number of views, engagement metrics, and the ad placement strategy. By tapping into this revenue stream, creators can further incentivize their content creation efforts and expand their earning potential on the platform.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. How do I access IGTV on Instagram?

    To access IGTV on Instagram, simply open the Instagram app on your mobile device and tap on the IGTV icon at the top right corner of the screen. This will take you to the IGTV section where you can watch and upload videos.

    2. Can I upload videos to IGTV directly from Instagram?

    No, you cannot upload videos to IGTV directly from Instagram. You will need to download the standalone IGTV app or access it through the Instagram app to upload videos.

    3. How do I create an IGTV channel on Instagram?

    To create an IGTV channel on Instagram, you will need to have an Instagram account. Then, open the IGTV app or go to the IGTV section on Instagram and follow the prompts to create a channel and start uploading videos.

    4. How long can my IGTV videos be?

    Your IGTV videos can be up to 60 minutes long if you have a verified account or a large following, otherwise, the limit is 10 minutes. However, for vertical videos, the maximum length is 15 minutes.

    5. Can I schedule IGTV videos to be posted at a specific time on Instagram?

    No, currently there is no option to schedule IGTV videos on Instagram. You will need to manually upload the video when you want it to be posted.

    6. Are IGTV videos visible on my Instagram profile?

    Yes, when you upload an IGTV video, a preview will be shown on your Instagram profile under the IGTV section. This allows your followers to easily access and watch your IGTV videos.

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