How to Grid on Instagram?

Are you looking to step up your Instagram game and create a visually appealing grid for your profile?

We will explore the importance of having a cohesive grid on Instagram, including how it can enhance the aesthetics of your feed, strengthen your branding, and help you tell a story through your posts.

We will also provide practical tips on how to plan and create your grid, as well as different types of grid layouts to consider.

If you want to learn how to master the art of splitting photos into grid for Instagram, keep reading!

Key Takeaways:

  • Creating a visually appealing grid on Instagram can enhance your brand’s aesthetics, create a cohesive look, and tell a compelling story.
  • Consistency is key when planning your grid – choose a theme, use consistent filters and consider a cohesive color palette.
  • There are various grid layouts to choose from – such as row, checkerboard, diagonal, and puzzle – to add variety and interest to your Instagram feed.
  • What is Grid on Instagram?

    A grid on Instagram refers to the visual arrangement of posts on a user’s profile, creating a cohesive and organized display.

    The grid serves as a virtual gallery through which users can express their creativity, style, and identity. This visual structure plays a crucial role in capturing the attention of visitors and followers by offering a snapshot of the account’s content theme and aesthetic. Visual consistency across posts fosters brand recognition and a memorable user experience.

    Various grid layouts such as Row-by-Row, Puzzle, Checkerboard, and Color Blocking present unique ways to enhance a user’s storytelling and brand presence. Creatively using these layouts can establish a strong visual identity, differentiate content, and engage the audience.

    Why is Grid Important on Instagram?

    The grid on Instagram plays a crucial role in providing visual cues to visitors, showcasing a consistent and engaging feed that reflects the account’s style and content.

    Ensuring a captivating grid layout isn’t just about the individual posts; it’s about crafting a larger narrative through the overall visual presentation. Consistency in aesthetics allows followers to easily recognize your brand, establishing a sense of trust and familiarity. With a well-organized grid, you can leverage color schemes to evoke specific emotions and create a cohesive brand identity. Each post contributes to the visual story you are telling, drawing your audience in and keeping them engaged as they scroll through your feed.


    Aesthetics play a pivotal role in Instagram grids, where the color theme, layout, and overall visual appeal combine to create a captivating and cohesive user experience.

    Regarding selecting a color palette for your Instagram grid, think about the emotions and message you want to convey.

    Consistency in colors can tie your posts together and make your profile more visually appealing. Utilizing consistent filters across your images can also help maintain a cohesive look.

    Consider using grid planning tools to arrange your posts in a visually pleasing way, ensuring a harmonious flow that attracts followers and keeps them engaged.


    Branding through the grid on Instagram involves maintaining a consistent visual identity that reflects the essence and values of the account or business.

    Establishing a cohesive grid theme on Instagram is pivotal in creating a recognizable brand image. By strategically arranging posts using color schemes that align with the brand’s palette, a sense of harmony is achieved, drawing the audience’s attention and fostering brand recall. Different grid types, such as alternating between photo and quote posts, help in captivating followers with varied content while still staying true to the brand’s messaging.

    Choosing appropriate image styles, whether it be bold graphics or serene landscapes, influences how the brand is perceived. For instance, a fashion brand might opt for high-quality, visually appealing images to showcase products, while a wellness account may use calming tones and inspirational quotes.


    Storytelling on Instagram grids involves using visual elements and post sequencing to narrate a cohesive and compelling story that resonates with the audience.

    One key aspect to consider when crafting a narrative on Instagram grids is the strategic arrangement of posts to maintain a consistent theme and aesthetic. By strategically planning the layout of your grid, you can guide your audience through a visual journey that keeps them engaged and eager for more. Experimenting with color combinations plays a vital role in setting the tone and evoking emotions. From vibrant and energetic hues to muted and calming shades, each color choice can communicate different feelings and enhance the overall storytelling experience.

    How to Plan Your Grid?

    Planning your Instagram grid involves utilizing grid planning tools, selecting a cohesive color palette, and strategizing post layouts for visual harmony.

    Regarding using grid planning tools such as Planoly or UNUM, start by uploading your images to the app to see how they fit together as a whole. These apps allow you to rearrange posts, plan captions, and visualize your grid before posting.

    Choosing a color palette that resonates with your brand identity is crucial. Ensure the colors compliment each other and convey the mood or theme you want to showcase. Consider using a mix of dominant, secondary, and accent colors to create a visually appealing feed.

    Moreover, organizing posts strategically can enhance the overall look of your grid. You can alternate between different types of content, themes, or color schemes to maintain a cohesive and engaging feed. Experiment with different layouts, such as patterned tiles or color blocking, to find what works best for your profile.

    Choose a Theme

    Choosing a theme for your Instagram grid sets the tone for your profile, guiding the selection of colors, images, and post styles that resonate with your audience.

    The colors you choose can communicate different emotions and messages. For example, a monochromatic theme can create a minimalist and sleek look, while a pastel theme can evoke a softer and more calming feel. Integrating these color themes strategically throughout your grid can help build brand recognition and create a cohesive visual identity. Popular themes like black and white, rainbow, or earth tones can give your profile a distinct style that attracts followers.

    Use Consistent Filters

    Consistent filters help in maintaining a cohesive color palette across your Instagram grid, enhancing visual consistency and brand identity.

    When choosing filters, consider the overall aesthetic of your brand. Opt for filters that align with your brand’s personality and values, whether it’s bold and vibrant or soft and pastel. Consistency is key, so stick to a few select filters that complement each other well. Experiment with different filters on sample images to see how they align with your brand’s style before applying them to your entire feed.

    Consider Color Palette

    Color palette selection is a critical aspect of grid planning on Instagram, as it influences the overall visual impact and cohesiveness of the profile.

    Choosing the right colors for your grid can evoke specific emotions in your audience; for instance, warm tones like red and orange exude energy and passion, while cool tones like blue and green create a sense of calm and tranquility.

    Consistency in color choices can help convey brand messaging effectively, reinforcing brand identity and making your profile instantly recognizable. To create a memorable user experience, opt for a harmonious color scheme that reflects your brand’s values and aesthetics.

    What are the Different Types of Grid Layouts?

    Instagram offers a variety of grid layouts, including row by row, checkerboard effect, diagonal, puzzle, and mixed grids, each presenting unique visual styles and storytelling opportunities.

    For instance, the row by row layout creates a cohesive and structured look, perfect for showcasing a series of related images or telling a linear story.

    On the other hand, the checkerboard effect alternates images to create a dynamic and eye-catching pattern.

    Diagonal grids add a dynamic flair to the profile, drawing the viewer’s eye across the feed.

    Puzzle grids are intriguing, piecing together images like a jigsaw to reveal a complete picture.

    Mixed grids combine various layout styles to add depth and creativity to a profile’s aesthetic.

    Row Layout

    The row layout on Instagram involves arranging posts in a sequential manner, creating a visually cohesive pattern that unfolds row by row.

    This structured approach to post organization allows users to curate their profile in a way that captivates viewers and maintains a consistent visual theme. By strategically planning the content of each row, Instagrammers can tell a story or showcase a theme effectively.

    Utilizing row layouts can enhance the overall aesthetic appeal of a profile, making it more appealing and engaging to followers. One tip is to alternate between different types of posts within each row, such as photos, quotes, and illustrations, to create a dynamic and visually interesting sequence.

    Checkerboard Layout

    The checkerboard layout alternates between different post styles or colors, creating a visually striking pattern that adds depth and interest to the Instagram grid.

    A checkerboard grid can help establish a cohesive aesthetic for your feed, making it more visually appealing and engaging for your audience. By strategically planning your posts to create a balanced mix of content types or color palettes, you can guide the viewer’s eye across your profile with a harmonious flow.

    1. Consistency is key when curating a checkerboard layout on Instagram. Brands like Nike have mastered this technique, using alternating images of products with lifestyle shots to tell a compelling visual story. This approach not only showcases their merchandise but also conveys a lifestyle associated with their brand, making their grid more than just a collection of photos – it’s a narrative.

    Diagonal Layout

    The diagonal layout on Instagram involves posting images or content in a diagonal pattern, creating a dynamic and visually engaging grid design.

    By deviating from the typical square grid structure, the diagonal layout adds a touch of uniqueness to your profile, capturing the attention of your audience immediately. This innovative approach allows you to present your content in a more fluid and interconnected manner, enhancing the overall storytelling experience for your followers.

    Embracing diagonal layouts opens up endless possibilities for showcasing diverse themes, color schemes, and visual aesthetics, enabling you to experiment with unconventional compositions and create a true visual impact that sets your profile apart. It offers a refreshing break from the traditional arrangement, unleashing your creativity and inviting viewers to explore your feed with renewed interest.

    Puzzle Layout

    The puzzle layout on Instagram involves splitting a single image or design across multiple posts, creating an interactive and cohesive larger picture on the grid.

    By strategically breaking down your image into various sections, you entice followers to scroll through your profile to see the complete picture, boosting engagement and extending their time spent on your page.

    To create an effective puzzle grid, ensure each post is visually appealing on its own while also maintaining a connection to the overall theme or message you want to convey.

    Consistency in colors, tones, and styles across the grid is crucial to maintain the visual flow and coherence of the puzzle layout, ultimately captivating your audience and encouraging them to interact with your content.

    How to Create a Grid on Instagram?

    Creating a visually appealing grid on Instagram can be achieved through the use of third-party apps for grid planning, Instagram’s native layout feature, and manual post arrangement coupled with image editing.

    When considering third-party apps, options like Planoly or UNUM can offer comprehensive tools for designing and scheduling posts in a cohesive grid layout. These apps allow you to preview how your posts will appear together before publishing, ensuring a consistent visual aesthetic across your profile.

    For those who prefer to work directly within Instagram, utilizing the app’s built-in layout feature can streamline the process. By choosing the ‘Layout’ option when creating a new post, you can easily arrange multiple images or videos in a grid format to maintain a harmonious look.

    Manual post arrangement involves strategically posting content in a sequence that complements the overall grid design. Pairing this with image editing tools like Adobe Lightroom or VSCO can help you enhance each individual post while ensuring they contribute to the cohesive storytelling aspect of your grid.

    Use Third-Party Apps

    Third-party apps such as Planoly and UNUM offer grid planning tools that simplify the process of designing and organizing posts for an aesthetically pleasing Instagram grid.

    These apps provide a range of features that allow users to visually plan their feed, including drag-and-drop functionality, color palette coordination, and the ability to preview the overall look before posting.

    One of the key benefits is the ability to maintain a consistent aesthetic across all posts, ensuring your profile looks cohesive and professional.

    1. Step-by-step, begin by selecting the images or videos you want to post and arranging them in your desired grid layout within the app.

    Use Instagram’s Layout Feature

    Instagram’s layout feature allows users to experiment with different post arrangements directly within the app, offering a convenient way to visualize and plan their grid layout.

    This feature is particularly useful for individuals, influencers, and businesses aiming to maintain a cohesive aesthetic on their Instagram profiles. By rearranging posts with this tool, users can create an organized and visually appealing grid that captures the attention of their followers. Being able to preview the layout before posting ensures that every addition fits seamlessly into the overall theme. Users can also utilize features like drag-and-drop functionality to easily reposition posts for the perfect composition.

    Manually Arrange Your Posts

    Manually arranging posts on Instagram allows for a personalized touch in creating a unique grid layout that aligns with the account’s branding and storytelling goals.

    When you manually arrange your posts, you have the opportunity to play around with different themes, color schemes, and content sequences. Experimenting with various arrangements can help you discover the visual style that best represents your brand or personal expression. One effective tip is to establish a consistent pattern or theme in your grid to maintain a cohesive look. This could include alternating between quotes, images, or patterns, creating a visually appealing rhythm for your followers. Remember, visual harmony is key to engaging your audience and leaving a lasting impression.

    Tips for Maintaining a Consistent Grid

    Maintaining a consistent grid on Instagram requires strategic planning, adherence to a color palette, and post editing to ensure visual coherence and brand integrity.

    Start by visualizing how you want your grid to look and plan your posts accordingly. Pre-planning posts allows you to create a harmonious flow that draws viewers into your account. Sticking to a defined color palette can help establish a recognizable aesthetic that resonates with your audience.

    Before hitting publish, take the time to edit your posts for consistency in style, tone, and quality. This step not only enhances the overall look of your feed but also reinforces your brand identity. By following these steps diligently, you can elevate your Instagram presence and attract a more engaged following.

    Plan Ahead

    Planning ahead is key to a consistent Instagram grid, as it allows for strategic post scheduling, content cohesion, and alignment with the overall branding strategy.

    By scheduling posts in advance, you can maintain a steady flow of content without last-minute rushes, ensuring a harmonious look and feel for your profile. Curating content ahead of time enables you to craft a visually appealing grid, creating a cohesive story that resonates with your audience. Sticking to a predefined theme or color scheme helps in establishing a recognizable brand identity and attracting followers with a consistent aesthetic. Utilizing tools like Later, Planoly, or Preview can aid in visualizing your grid layout, making it easier to plan and adjust posts for maximum impact.

    Stick to Your Theme

    Consistency with the chosen theme, color palette, and visual style is essential for establishing a recognizable and engaging grid on Instagram that resonates with the audience.

    When you maintain a consistent aesthetic across your Instagram feed, it not only showcases professionalism but also helps to strengthen your brand identity. A harmonious color scheme and cohesive visual style can create a visually appealing mosaic that draws followers in.

    With a well-defined theme, you can tell a compelling story through your posts, capturing the attention of your audience and keeping them engaged. By aligning your content around a central concept, you can build a cohesive narrative that resonates with your followers and enhances brand recognition.

    Edit Your Posts Before Posting

    Post-editing plays a critical role in ensuring visual coherence within an Instagram grid, allowing for color correction, image enhancement, and aesthetic adjustments to maintain a polished appearance.

    By paying attention to the finer details like adjusting brightness, contrast, and saturation levels, you can truly transform your photos and create a cohesive feed that attracts viewers. Consistency in editing style, such as using similar filters or presets, can make your grid more visually engaging and appealing to your audience.

    Popular image editing tools like Adobe Lightroom, VSCO, and Snapseed offer a wide range of features and presets to help you achieve professional-looking edits. Experimenting with different editing techniques, such as selective cropping or applying gradients, can add depth and visual interest to your images, elevating the overall aesthetic of your grid.


    Mastering the art of grid planning on Instagram is essential for creating a visually appealing and engaging profile that resonates with followers and strengthens brand identity.

    Designing an Instagram grid that tells a cohesive story through aesthetic consistency not only captures attention but also builds a sense of authenticity and professionalism. By strategically arranging posts, utilizing color schemes, and incorporating visual elements such as quotes or behind-the-scenes glimpses, you can elevate your profile’s visual appeal.

    According to insights from leading industry resources like the Social Media Marketing Podcast and G2 reviews, successful brands understand that a well-crafted grid is a powerful tool for not just attracting followers but also converting them into loyal customers.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. How to Grid on Instagram?

    Grid on Instagram refers to organizing your Instagram profile in a visually appealing way, often by using a specific layout or theme. Here’s how to grid on Instagram:

    2. What is the purpose of gridding on Instagram?

    Gridding on Instagram can help create a cohesive and aesthetic look on your profile, making it more visually appealing to your followers and potential followers.

    3. Are there any tools or apps that can help with gridding on Instagram?

    Yes, there are several third-party apps and tools available that can help with gridding on Instagram, such as Planoly, UNUM, and Preview.

    4. How can I choose the best grid layout for my Instagram profile?

    The best grid layout for your Instagram profile will depend on your personal preferences and the content you post. Some popular options include the checkerboard, row by row, and color blocking layouts.

    5. Can I change my grid layout on Instagram after I’ve posted content?

    Yes, you can change your grid layout on Instagram at any time by rearranging or deleting posts. Keep in mind that this may affect the overall look and flow of your profile.

    6. Is it necessary to have a consistent theme or color scheme when gridding on Instagram?

    No, it’s not necessary to have a consistent theme or color scheme when gridding on Instagram. However, it can help create a more cohesive and visually appealing profile.

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