How to Resize Video for Instagram?

Looking to make your videos stand out on Instagram?

Resizing your videos to meet the platform’s requirements is crucial on a platform where visual content is key.

Learn why resizing videos for Instagram is important, the specific requirements you need to meet, and the best tools and software you can use to resize photo for Instagram effectively.

Whether you prefer video editing software, online resizers, or mobile apps, we’ve got you covered. Let’s learn how to fit video on Instagram without cropping!

Key Takeaways:

  • Resizing videos for Instagram is necessary to ensure that they fit the platform’s requirements and look professional.
  • The recommended requirements for Instagram videos are specific aspect ratio, length, and file size.
  • There are various methods and tools available such as video editing software, online resizers, and mobile apps to resize videos for Instagram.
  • Why Resize Videos for Instagram?

    Resizing videos for Instagram is crucial to ensure optimal viewing experience and engagement on the platform.

    When you resize your videos correctly for Instagram, you are not only enhancing the visual appeal but also increasing the chances of your content standing out in feeds. The platform favors content that is formatted to fit its specifications, leading to better visibility among users. Video quality plays a significant role in attracting and retaining the attention of viewers, and resizing ensures that your videos maintain their clarity and appeal even in smaller dimensions.

    What Are the Requirements for Instagram Videos?

    When creating videos for Instagram, it is essential to meet specific requirements related to aspect ratio, dimensions, and file size.

    Instagram offers guidelines to ensure that your videos look their best on the platform. The recommended aspect ratio for Instagram videos is 1:1, 4:5, or 9:16, with resolutions of 1080×1080 pixels, 1080×1350 pixels, or 1080×1920 pixels respectively.

    Keeping your file size under 4GB is crucial for smooth uploading and viewing experience. By adhering to these standards, you can optimize your video quality and ensure that your content resonates well with your audience, leading to higher engagement rates.

    Aspect Ratio

    The aspect ratio of Instagram videos plays a significant role in how content is displayed across different devices and feeds.

    Choosing the correct aspect ratio is crucial to ensure that your videos appear polished and professional on viewers’ screens. An incorrect ratio can lead to awkward cropping, distorted visuals, or content that appears too small or too stretched.

    For portrait videos, the recommended aspect ratio is 4:5, as it takes up more vertical space in the feed, maximizing visibility. This optimal ratio not only enhances the visual aesthetics of your videos but also improves the overall user experience by providing a seamless viewing experience across various devices.

    Video Length

    The length of Instagram videos should be optimized for viewer engagement and platform guidelines to maximize reach and interest.

    Understanding the optimal video durations for different types of content is crucial in capturing the attention of your audience.

    For Instagram feed videos, it is recommended to keep them around 15-30 seconds long to ensure viewers stay engaged throughout. Learn how to speed up Instagram videos for optimal engagement.

    Stories, on the other hand, should be shorter, ideally ranging from 5-15 seconds, as they cater to the platform’s fast-paced nature.

    IGTV videos allow for longer content, with the sweet spot falling between 2-10 minutes to encourage viewers to watch till the end.

    File Size

    Managing the file size of Instagram videos is crucial for seamless uploads and maintaining video quality on the platform.

    Compressing videos optimally allows faster upload times, reduces data consumption, and ensures viewers can seamlessly enjoy your content without any lag or buffering issues. Utilizing advanced video compression techniques, such as adjusting resolution, bitrate, and codec settings, can significantly reduce file sizes without compromising the visual appeal of your videos.

    Optimizing video files before uploading them to Instagram is a smart strategy to ensure they meet the platform’s size limitations and maintain high quality. There are various tools available, such as HandBrake, Adobe Premiere Pro, or online services like VideoSmaller, that can help you compress videos efficiently while preserving their clarity and detail.

    How to Resize Videos for Instagram?

    Resizing videos for Instagram can be done using various tools and techniques to ensure they meet the platform’s requirements and display optimally.

    One popular method is video editing software, where you can manually adjust the aspect ratio and dimensions to fit Instagram’s specifications. Online resizers provide a quick solution by allowing you to upload your video and choose the desired output settings.

    For those on the go, mobile apps offer a convenient way to resize videos directly on your smartphone before uploading them to Instagram. Remember to optimize the file size to prevent long loading times and maintain high quality on the platform. Learn how to format video for Instagram easily.

    By utilizing these diverse tools, you can effortlessly prepare your videos for Instagram, ensuring they look their best.

    Using Video Editing Software

    Video editing software like Adobe Premiere Pro offers robust features for resizing and optimizing videos for Instagram’s platform specifications.

    One of the key benefits of using professional video editing software for resizing Instagram videos is the ability to maintain high-quality resolution and aspect ratio, crucial for capturing viewers’ attention on the platform. With tools like Adobe Premiere Pro, you can easily adjust the video dimensions to fit the optimal Instagram requirements, ensuring your content looks polished and professional.

    The software also provides advanced features such as timeline editing, keyframing, and export settings customization, allowing you to fine-tune every detail of your resized video. This level of precision is essential for creating visually appealing content that stands out in a crowded feed.

    Using Online Video Resizers

    Online video resizers such as Kapwing and Clideo offer convenient solutions for resizing videos quickly and efficiently for Instagram uploads.

    One of the key advantages of using these online tools is the ease of access and user-friendly interfaces they provide. With platforms like Kapwing and Clideo, users can simply upload their video files, select the desired output dimensions, and within a few clicks, have their videos resized and optimized for Instagram sharing.

    • These online resizers also come equipped with a range of features to enhance the resizing process. Users can trim, crop, add text, stickers, and even apply filters to their videos before resizing them to fit Instagram’s requirements.

    These tools allow users to maintain the quality of their videos while reducing file size, ensuring that the content remains visually appealing even after resizing.

    Using Mobile Apps

    Mobile apps like InShot and Video Crop offer on-the-go solutions for resizing and editing videos directly on smartphones, ideal for quick Instagram post preparations.

    These apps provide a user-friendly interface that allows you to easily crop, trim, and resize your videos to fit perfectly within Instagram’s specifications. Functionalities like adding filters, effects, and text overlays help enhance the visual appeal of your content. InShot and Video Crop offer preset dimensions for various social media platforms, including Instagram, ensuring that your videos are optimized for maximum engagement. By utilizing these mobile apps, content creators can streamline their video editing process and maintain a consistent aesthetic across their Instagram feed.

    What Are the Best Video Editing Software for Instagram?

    Selecting the best video editing software for Instagram involves considering tools like Adobe Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro, and Filmora.

    Adobe Premiere Pro, a professional-level video editing software, is known for its advanced features like timeline editing, color grading, and effects.

    Final Cut Pro, on the other hand, is favored by Mac users for its intuitive interface and seamless integration with Apple products.

    Filmora stands out for its user-friendly interface and a wide range of preset video effects and transitions.

    In terms of editing videos for Instagram, Adobe Premiere Pro offers extensive control over editing details, making it suitable for intricate video projects for Instagram.

    Final Cut Pro provides a streamlined editing experience that is perfect for quick and efficient edits.

    Meanwhile, Filmora’s simplicity and ease of use make it an ideal choice for beginners or those looking to create content for Instagram without steep learning curves.

    Adobe Premiere Pro

    Adobe Premiere Pro is a professional-grade video editing software used by content creators to resize and optimize videos for Instagram posts.

    One of the key functionalities of Adobe Premiere Pro for Instagram editing is its ability to easily adjust the aspect ratio to fit the platform’s standard dimensions. This feature ensures that your videos appear crisp and properly framed on the Instagram feed. Additionally, Premiere Pro offers efficient file compression options, allowing you to maintain high-quality content while reducing file sizes for faster upload speeds and better performance on social media.

    Final Cut Pro

    Final Cut Pro offers a user-friendly interface and advanced editing tools for resizing videos with precision and optimizing them for Instagram’s platform.

    In terms of customizing the aspect ratio for your Instagram videos, Final Cut Pro stands out with its comprehensive options for different devices, ensuring your content appears crisp and engaging to your audience. The software provides various filters and effects that can enhance the quality of your videos, making them visually stunning and professional. Integrating Final Cut Pro into your Instagram video editing workflow give the power tos you to create impactful and captivating content that resonates with your followers and helps elevate your social media presence.


    Filmora is a versatile video editing software suitable for beginners and professionals alike, offering tools for resizing and enhancing videos for Instagram sharing.

    One of the standout features of Filmora is its intuitive interface, making it easy to navigate and use. Users can quickly resize their videos to fit perfectly on the Instagram platform, whether they’re creating square posts, stories, or IGTV content. With a wide range of editing functionalities, such as filters, transitions, and text options, Filmora give the power tos creators to enhance their videos and make them visually engaging for their Instagram audience.

    What Are the Best Online Video Resizers for Instagram?

    When looking for online video resizers catering to Instagram needs, platforms like Kapwing, Clideo, and FlexClip stand out for their user-friendly features.

    These platforms offer a range of tools specifically designed to optimize videos for Instagram, ensuring your content meets the platform’s requirements effortlessly. With Kapwing’s intuitive interface, users can easily resize, crop, and add filters to their videos, making them perfect for the Instagram feed. Clideo, on the other hand, excels in its speedy processing capabilities, allowing for quick resizing without compromising on quality. FlexClip distinguishes itself with its extensive library of animations and templates, enabling users to create eye-catching Instagram video content with ease.


    Kapwing is a popular online video resizer known for its intuitive interface and quick editing capabilities, making it ideal for Instagram video resizing.

    One of the standout features of Kapwing is its ability to resize videos without sacrificing quality, ensuring your content looks professional and polished on Instagram. To resize a video with Kapwing, simply upload your video to the platform, select the desired aspect ratio for Instagram (such as 1:1 for square posts or 9:16 for stories), and let Kapwing work its magic. Within seconds, your video will be resized and ready to download or share directly on Instagram. This seamless process saves you time and effort, allowing you to focus on creating engaging content for your audience.


    Clideo offers a range of video editing tools, including a reliable video resizer feature that caters to Instagram video resizing requirements.

    One of the standout features of Clideo is its ability to adjust aspect ratio seamlessly, ensuring that your videos are optimized for Instagram’s vertical or square formats. The platform enables users to efficiently compress file sizes without compromising video quality. This makes Clideo a versatile solution for not only resizing but also enhancing videos for social media sharing.

    Let’s delve into how simple and effective it is to resize a video for Instagram using Clideo’s user-friendly interface.


    FlexClip is a versatile online video resizer offering templates and editing tools to customize videos for Instagram, enhancing visual appeal and engagement.

    With FlexClip, users can tap into a wide array of professionally designed templates, ranging from trendy transitions to eye-catching filters, making the video creation process seamless and hassle-free. The platform boasts advanced editing functionalities, allowing users to trim, crop, add text overlays, and incorporate background music with ease.

    When resizing videos for Instagram, it is crucial to choose the appropriate aspect ratio. FlexClip simplifies this by providing pre-set dimensions tailored specifically for Instagram’s feed, stories, and IGTV, ensuring your content looks polished and professional on the platform.

    What Are the Best Mobile Apps for Resizing Videos for Instagram?

    For quick and efficient video resizing on the go, mobile apps like InShot, Video Crop, and Square Fit offer convenient solutions for Instagram content creators.

    These apps provide a range of features to help users easily optimize their videos for Instagram uploads. InShot, for example, offers tools for trimming, merging, and adding music, effects, and text to videos directly on your smartphone. It also allows for various aspect ratios and background blur effects, enhancing the visual appeal of your content. Video Crop specializes in precisely resizing and cropping videos to fit Instagram’s requirements, ensuring a polished and professional look. On the other hand, Square Fit simplifies the process by automatically adjusting the video size to a square format, perfect for Instagram posts.


    InShot is a popular mobile app known for its user-friendly interface and editing capabilities, making it a go-to choice for resizing videos for Instagram posts.

    One of the key strengths of InShot is its intuitive design, allowing users to easily navigate through its various editing tools and features. With just a few simple taps, anyone can quickly adjust the aspect ratio of their videos to fit perfectly on their Instagram feed. Whether you want to convert a landscape video into a vertical format or create a square video for your grid, InShot provides the flexibility and precision needed.

    The app offers a range of editing options to enhance your videos, such as filters, text overlays, stickers, and music integration. This not only makes resizing videos a breeze but also allows you to customize your content to stand out on Instagram.

    Video Crop

    Video Crop offers simple yet effective video resizing features, allowing users to quickly optimize videos for Instagram sharing directly from their mobile devices.

    With Video Crop, users can easily adjust the aspect ratio, crop out unwanted sections, and enhance their videos to perfectly fit the Instagram feed. The app’s intuitive interface makes it a breeze to navigate through the resizing options, enabling even beginners to customize their videos with professional-looking results. Whether you want to focus on a specific part of your video or remove any distractions, Video Crop streamlines the process without compromising on quality.

    Square Fit

    Square Fit specializes in adjusting video dimensions to fit Instagram’s square format, offering a seamless solution for content creators looking to optimize their videos for the platform.

    In terms of making your videos stand out on Instagram, maintaining visual consistency is key. Square Fit helps you achieve this by effortlessly resizing your videos to fit the platform’s square standard, ensuring a polished and professional look for your content.

    One of the standout features of Square Fit is its user-friendly interface, making it easy for creators of all skill levels to adjust their video dimensions without compromising on quality. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just starting out, this app streamlines the process of resizing videos for Instagram, saving you time and effort.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is the best way to resize a video for Instagram?

    The best way to resize a video for Instagram is by using a video editing software that allows you to customize the dimensions and aspect ratio of your video. You can also use online resizing tools that are specifically designed for Instagram videos.

    Can I resize a video for Instagram without losing quality?

    Yes, it is possible to resize a video for Instagram without losing quality. However, it is important to note that resizing a video will inevitably result in some loss of quality, so it is best to use high-quality video files and minimize the amount of resizing needed.

    What is the recommended video size for Instagram?

    The recommended video size for Instagram is 1080×1080 pixels, with an aspect ratio of 1:1. This size ensures that your video will display properly on all devices and will not be cropped or distorted.

    Can I resize a video for Instagram on my phone?

    Yes, you can resize a video for Instagram on your phone by using a video editing app or a resizing app specifically designed for Instagram. However, it may be more difficult to achieve precise resizing on a phone compared to a computer.

    Is there a limit to the length of a resized video for Instagram?

    Yes, there is a limit to the length of a resized video for Instagram. The maximum length for a video post on Instagram is 60 seconds, so you will need to make sure your resized video falls within this time limit.

    Do I need to resize videos for Instagram stories?

    Yes, it is recommended to resize videos for Instagram stories as well. The recommended size for story videos is 1080×1920 pixels, with an aspect ratio of 9:16. This will ensure that your video looks crisp and clear on all devices and does not get cut off on the sides.

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