How to See Who Liked Reels on Instagram?

Instagram Reels have taken the social media world by storm, allowing users to create short, engaging videos to share with their followers.

Ever wondered who is liking your Reels? We will explore the purpose of seeing who liked Reels on Instagram and how to easily check this information.

Learn how to open the Reel on your profile and scroll through the list of likes. Stay tuned to learn more about this feature and its importance in the world of Instagram.

Key Takeaways:

  • To see who liked your Instagram Reels, open the Reel and tap on “View Count”.
  • For public Reels, anyone can see who liked it. For private Reels, only the creator can see who liked it.
  • Other information such as number of views, comments, shares, saves, and likes can also be seen on Instagram Reels.
  • What Are Instagram Reels?

    Instagram Reels are short, engaging videos designed to captivate and entertain users within the Instagram platform.

    They serve as a creative tool for users to share snippets of their lives, talents, and interests in a visually appealing format. The allure of Reels lies in their ability to seamlessly blend music, filters, and effects to craft compelling content that resonates with a broad audience.

    Due to their dynamic and interactive nature, Reels have rapidly gained popularity among Instagram users, sparking a new wave of creativity and engagement on the platform. With their short duration and easy-to-consume format, Reels have become a go-to feature for both content creators and casual users looking to explore diverse content quickly and effortlessly.

    What Is the Purpose of Seeing Who Liked Reels on Instagram?

    The purpose of seeing who liked Reels on Instagram is to gauge user engagement, identify audience preferences, and measure the impact of the content shared through Reels.

    By tracking the likes on Instagram Reels, creators can gain valuable insights into the type of content that resonates with their audience, helping them tailor future posts for increased engagement. Understanding which Reels attract the most likes enables creators to refine their content strategy, create more compelling posts, and ultimately grow their following on the platform. Analyzing the likes received on Reels provides creators with a direct feedback loop to gauge the effectiveness of their storytelling, visual aesthetics, and overall brand message.

    How to See Who Liked Reels on Instagram?

    To see who liked your Instagram Reels, follow these steps to access a list of users who have interacted with your content.

    1. First, open the Instagram app on your mobile device and navigate to your profile by tapping on your profile picture at the bottom right.

    2. Once on your profile, locate the specific reel you are interested in by scrolling through your posts.

    3. Next, click on the reel to open it in full-screen mode. Underneath the reel, you will see the number of likes it has received. Tap on the ‘Liked’ text to view a list of users who have liked your reel.

    4. If you encounter any issues, ensure that your Instagram app is updated to the latest version and try refreshing the page or restarting the app. Double-check your privacy settings to ensure that interactions are visible to you.

    Open the Reel on Your Instagram Profile

    To view the users who liked your Reel, start by opening the specific Reel on your Instagram profile.

    Once you have accessed the Reel, click on the ‘views’ counter at the bottom left of the screen. This will reveal a list of all the users who have engaged with your content by liking it. It’s crucial to go through this list to not only acknowledge your supporters but also to analyze the type of audience your content is attracting. Understanding who your audience is can help you tailor future content and increase engagement on your profile.

    Tap on the ‘View Count’ at the Bottom of the Reel

    Next, tap on the ‘View Count’ located at the bottom of the Reel to reveal additional engagement details, including likes.

    Once you tap on the ‘View Count’, a new window will appear showcasing the total number of views your Reel has received. Keep in mind that the number of likes is an essential metric that indicates user interaction and interest in your content. A higher like count generally suggests a more engaging post, potentially attracting a wider audience.

    If you encounter any issues while viewing the likes, ensure that your Instagram app is updated to the latest version. Sometimes, a simple app update can resolve glitches related to viewing engagement data.

    Scroll Through the List of People Who Liked the Reel

    Scroll through the provided list of people who liked the Reel to appreciate and acknowledge the engagement from your audience.

    When reviewing the list of likes on your Instagram Reel, take the opportunity to engage and connect with your audience. Liking a few of their posts or leaving a thoughtful comment can go a long way in building a sense of community and loyalty among your followers.

    Responding to comments left by those who liked your Reel can also boost your engagement rates and strengthen your connection with your audience. Encourage further interactions by asking questions or inviting them to check out your other content for more shared experiences.

    Can You See Who Liked Reels on Instagram If You’re Not the Creator?

    Whether you can see who liked Reels on Instagram, even if you’re not the creator, depends on the privacy settings of the account and the visibility of the Reel.

    For public Reels, the likes are generally visible to everyone, irrespective of whether you are the creator or not. This openness can encourage more interactions and engagement from a wider audience. Conversely, private Reels restrict access to likes, catering to a more exclusive audience. Understanding the distinction between liking public and private Reels is crucial for navigating the platform efficiently. It’s essential to respect the creator’s choice of privacy settings, which can vary based on their preferences and objectives.

    Respecting privacy boundaries on Instagram is pivotal for fostering a healthy online community.

    If the Reel Is Public

    In the case of a public Reel, individuals who are not the creators can typically view the list of users who liked the content, unless privacy settings restrict this access.

    Being able to see who has liked a public Reel can provide valuable insights into the engagement and popularity of the content, especially for non-creators who may be interested in trends or viral content on the platform. It also raises concerns about privacy and control over one’s account information.

    For those who prefer to maintain a certain level of privacy, it is important to review and adjust account settings to limit the visibility of their actions on public Reels. By managing privacy controls, users can ensure that their account details are shared only with the intended audience, balancing engagement with privacy protection.

    If the Reel Is Private

    For private Reels, individuals who are not the original creators may encounter restrictions in viewing the list of users who liked the content due to privacy settings.

    These limitations can lead to challenges for those seeking engagement details, as access to crucial information such as likes may be restricted. Beyond privacy concerns, account-related issues might also arise, affecting the overall user experience.

    Respecting content creators’ preferences and settings is crucial in such instances to maintain a positive online environment.

    To navigate these obstacles, users can explore privacy controls offered by the platform, adjusting visibility settings and permissions accordingly. By understanding and acknowledging these limitations, both creators and viewers can foster a more secure and respectful online community.

    What Other Information Can You See About Reels on Instagram?

    Apart from likes, Instagram users can access valuable insights such as the number of views, comments, shares, and saves on Reels.

    Views play a crucial role in understanding the reach and visibility of your Reels. The more views a video receives, the wider its exposure across the platform.

    Comments provide an avenue for direct interaction with your audience, allowing for feedback, discussions, and community building.

    Shares indicate that your content resonates enough for users to distribute it further, expanding your reach organically.

    Saves are a testament to the relevance and value of your Reels, as users choose to bookmark and revisit the content in the future.

    Number of Views

    The number of views on an Instagram Reel signifies the reach and impact of the content, reflecting the level of audience engagement with the video.

    When the view count for a Reel increases, it indicates that more users have interacted with the content, driving visibility and potentially attracting new followers. Increasing view counts can boost the algorithm’s recognition of the content, leading to higher placement on users’ feeds.

    To maximize view counts, focus on creating captivating, relevant content that resonates with your target audience’s interests. Utilize popular hashtags, engage with trending challenges, and leverage interactive features like polls or questions to encourage viewer participation.


    Comments on Instagram Reels offer valuable user feedback, interaction opportunities, and insights into the audience’s response to the content.

    These comments play a crucial role in creating a sense of community and connection among users. By responding to comments promptly and thoughtfully, creators can enhance engagement and loyalty. Engaging with comments not only acknowledges the audience’s participation but also opens up avenues for deeper conversations and user-generated content ideas. Leveraging feedback from comments can provide creators with valuable insights into what resonates with their audience, helping them adapt their content to better meet the audience’s preferences and expectations.


    Shares of Instagram Reels facilitate social interaction, content amplification, and the expansion of reach within the platform’s community.

    In the social media landscape, the act of sharing holds tremendous power as it allows content to transcend its initial reach and resonate with a broader audience. When users share Instagram Reels, they are not just endorsing the content but also actively participating in building a sense of community. This collaborative effort in sharing content contributes to the creation of a vibrant and engaged ecosystem on the platform, where users feel connected through shared experiences and interests.

    Encouraging shares involves creating compelling and relatable content that resonates with the target audience, prompting them to hit the share button to pass on the excitement or value they received. Collaborations with other creators or brands can also enhance the potential for shares, as cross-promotion often leads to increased visibility and engagement. By fostering a culture of sharing and mutual support, creators can establish a loyal following that actively participates in spreading their content.


    The act of saving Instagram Reels indicates user interest, content relevance, and the value attributed to the video for future viewing or reference.

    When a user saves a Reel, it not only serves as a bookmark for them to easily find the content later but also signifies a deeper engagement with the creator’s content. This saved video can act as a reference point, a source of inspiration, or simply a form of entertainment that the user wants to revisit. Understanding why users save certain Reels can provide valuable insights for content creators to tailor their future posts effectively.


    Likes on Instagram Reels signify user approval, content appreciation, and engagement levels, showcasing the popularity and impact of the video.

    When your Reel receives a substantial number of likes, it’s not just a numerical figure; each like represents a piece of interaction translating into connection with your audience. This sparks a ripple effect where higher likes contribute to enhanced visibility on the platform, potentially propelling your content to the ‘Explore’ page and reaching a wider audience.

    By leveraging strategic engagement strategies such as responding to comments, engaging with other accounts, and utilizing relevant hashtags, you can organically boost likes and forge stronger bonds with your followers.

    Why Is It Important to See Who Liked Reels on Instagram?

    Understanding who liked Reels on Instagram is crucial for creators to assess audience engagement, tailor content strategies, and build a loyal follower base.

    When creators identify likes on their Instagram Reels, it gives them valuable insights into what resonates with their audience. These likes are not just numbers; they represent real people connecting with the content. By understanding the demographics and preferences of those engaging with their posts, creators can create more relevant and engaging content. Analyzing likes helps in tracking the performance of different posts, guiding creators to refine their strategies and better meet audience expectations.

    Are There Any Privacy Concerns with Seeing Who Liked Reels on Instagram?

    While viewing who liked Reels on Instagram offers insights into audience interactions, it also raises privacy concerns related to data visibility and user preferences.

    Accessing information about the likes on Instagram Reels may seem straightforward, but it involves a complex web of user data protection and account security. As users engage with this feature, it becomes crucial to navigate privacy settings with diligence to uphold ethical standards. Respecting user preferences and ensuring data security are paramount in fostering a safe and transparent social media landscape. By being mindful of the implications of monitoring audience engagement, individuals can contribute towards creating a more responsible online community.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How to See Who Liked Reels on Instagram?

    To see who liked your Reels on Instagram, follow these simple steps:

    1. Open the Instagram app on your device.
    2. Go to your profile by tapping on your profile picture in the bottom right corner.
    3. Tap on the Reels tab, which is located next to the Posts tab.
    4. Choose the Reel you want to see the likes on.
    5. Tap on the View Likes button, located next to the number of views on the bottom left corner of the Reel.
    6. You will now see a list of users who have liked your Reel.

    Can I see who liked someone else’s Reels on Instagram?

    No, you can only see who liked your own Reels on Instagram. You cannot see who liked Reels posted by other users.

    How can I see the total number of likes on my Reels?

    To see the total number of likes on your Reels, follow the steps below:

    1. Go to your profile on the Instagram app.
    2. Tap on the Reels tab.
    3. Choose the Reel you want to see the likes on.
    4. The number of likes will be displayed on the bottom left corner of the Reel, next to the View Likes button.

    Is there a way to see who liked my Reels on the Instagram website?

    No, currently you can only see who liked your Reels on the Instagram app. This feature is not available on the website.

    Can I see who liked my Reels if my account is private?

    Yes, if your account is private, you can still see who liked your Reels by following the steps mentioned earlier. However, only users who are following you will be able to see your Reels and like them.

    Can I see who liked my Reels even after 24 hours?

    No, Instagram only shows the list of users who liked your Reel for 24 hours. After that, the list will no longer be available. However, the total number of likes will still be displayed on the Reel.

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