12 Mustfollow Instagram Accounts For Inspiration In 2024

Looking for your daily dose of inspiration in 2024? Well, look no further than these 12 must-follow Instagram accounts that are basically your personal cheerleaders, ready to lift your spirits and push you towards your dreams.

Whether you need some entrepreneurial wisdom, heartwarming tales of humanity, jaw-dropping nature pics, or sustainable fashion ideas, these accounts have got you covered. They’re like a buffet of inspiration, serving up a little something for everyone.

So, why not hop on the inspiration train and see how these accounts can jazz up your life? Find out what other accounts you should be stalking for that daily motivation fix, and learn how to turn your Instagram feed into a positivity powerhouse that fuels your fire.

Go ahead, curate your own uplifting Instagram feed and bask in the glow of positive vibes that’ll light a fire under your ambitions!

Key Takeaways:

  • Follow @garyvee for entrepreneurial inspiration and motivation to achieve your goals in 2024.
  • For a healthy and balanced lifestyle, follow @mindbodygreen for health and wellness tips in 2024.
  • Learn about the power of humanity and empathy by following @humansofny for heartwarming stories in 2024.
  • 1. @garyvee: For Entrepreneurial Inspiration

    If you’re looking for a daily dose of entrepreneurial inspo, follow @garyvee on Instagram. He’s like that cool uncle who drops wisdom bombs on branding, content strategy, and engaging with your audience. Gary Vee’s feed is like a social media buffet, serving up delicious pics of products and user-generated content that his followers eat right up.

    By embracing user-generated content, Gary Vaynerchuk is basically tapping into the collective creativity and realness of his community. Featuring their stuff not only brings him closer to his audience but also shows off a wide range of perspectives and experiences. This dude’s approach not only gives his brand a human touch but also makes his followers feel like they belong – like they’re part of a secret club of Gary’s biggest fans. And his slick engagement skills, like replying to comments and DMs, create a lively space where followers feel connected and listened to.

    2. @mindbodygreen: For Health and Wellness Tips

    If you’re in need of a health and wellness pick-me-up, swing by @mindbodygreen’s Instagram for a goldmine of tips and tricks. They’re like the cool, knowledgeable friend who always has your back when it comes to living your best life.

    Whether you’re itching to shake up your workout routine or dip your toes into the world of alternative medicine, mindbodygreen’s got your back. They serve up nuggets of wisdom on everything from mindful eating to Zen-inducing yoga poses and mental health insights. It’s like having a personal health guru on your feed!

    Get ready to scroll through their expertly-crafted articles on green living, self-care rituals, and meditation musings that’ll make you feel like a wellness warrior. Their content is like a treasure trove of inspiration, perfect for anyone looking to level up their health game and find their zen in the chaos of everyday life.

    3. @humansofny: For Heartwarming Stories of Humanity

    Immerse yourself in the heartwarming tales of humanity through @humansofny’s Instagram account. They dish out captivating portraits and sneak peeks into people’s lives that’ll have you hooked. Their feed is like a warm hug, showcasing the positivity and rainbow of diversity in everyday stories.

    By shining a spotlight on the everyday moments and personal journeys of folks from all walks of life, Humans of New York has built a stage that celebrates the magic of human connections. Their storytelling game isn’t about glitz and glam but about diving deep into the messy, real, raw emotions and struggles that make us all wonderfully human. With a focus on keeping it real and relatable, the user-generated content they share fosters empathy and understanding across the globe.

    The impact of sharing these intimate tales reaches beyond the digital realm, sparking connections, building bridges of empathy, and weaving a tapestry of unity in our beautifully diverse world.

    4. @natgeo: For Stunning Nature and Wildlife Photography

    You gotta check out the mind-blowing nature and wildlife pics on @natgeo’s Instagram feed. Their feed is like a virtual tour of the Earth’s best spots, with vibrant colors and marine life that’ll make you go “wow“.

    National Geographic’s photography game is next level, capturing the planet’s crazy biodiversity from lush forests to deep oceans. Each pic is a masterpiece, showing off the balance of ecosystems and the cool critters living in them. Their posts are a wild ride through nature’s diversity, reminding us how crazy-beautiful our world really is.

    Wildlife pics are like a magic portal to the natural world, sparking a sense of awe and connection. After scrolling through @natgeo, you’ll be ready to hug a tree and promise to protect the planet.

    5. @thegoodtrade: For Sustainable and Ethical Fashion Inspiration

    You’ve got to check out @thegoodtrade’s Instagram for some serious sustainable and ethical fashion inspo. They’re all about showing off eco-friendly products and killer style choices that’ll have you feeling good and looking even better.

    Every post on their feed isn’t just about flaunting some trendy outfits; it’s like a deep dive into the brand’s backstory. They spill the tea on how these sustainable pieces came to life. The Good Trade isn’t just about looking good; they also drop valuable tips on curating a closet that’s both fashionable and Earth-friendly. Their posts are like a runway show of timeless pieces that scream chic and environmentally conscious. And the way they blend fashion and sustainability? It’s like they’re the ultimate matchmakers, sparking convos about being a mindful shopper and why it’s key to back ethical fashion brands.

    6. @marieforleo: For Business and Personal Development

    If you’re looking for a good time, follow @marieforleo on Instagram. She’s serving up some serious business and personal development knowledge, dishing out inspiring strategies for branding and marketing success.

    Think of Marie Forleo’s feed as a goldmine of entrepreneurial inspo and practical advice to help your business grow.

    Her style? It’s like mixing a shot of motivation with a splash of actionable tips, creating a top choice for entrepreneurs looking to level up. With eye-catching visuals and mind-bending captions, Marie Forleo keeps you hooked and ready to chase after your dreams.

    She’s all about sharing success stories from folks who’ve used her strategies to score big wins, inspiring her followers to tap into their own potential. By consistently delivering top-notch and relatable content, Marie Forleo has carved out a spot as a big deal in the world of business and personal growth.

    7. @jayshetty: For Mindfulness and Self-Improvement

    Embark on a journey of mindfulness and self-improvement by checking out @jayshetty’s Instagram account. Dive into a world of positivity and personal growth where Jay Shetty drops nuggets of wisdom like confetti.

    Jay Shetty is like a zen master in your pocket, nudging you to embrace gratitude, flex your resilience muscles, and dance with change like it’s your personal growth partner. His posts are like little life rafts for those navigating stormy seas, reminding you to keep it real and focus on your mental well-being. With a mix of ancient secrets and modern insights, Jay Shetty’s content is like having a wise best friend in your back pocket, pushing you to live your best life.

    8. @theellenshow: For Laughter and Entertainment

    When you’re scrolling through @theellenshow’s Instagram, get ready for a laugh riot! Ellen DeGeneres serves up a feast of hilarious memes, adorable products, and captivating content that’s sure to add some sunshine to your day. Ellen’s page is like a virtual comedy club, cutting through the sea of digital noise with pure joy and humor.

    Interacting with Ellen’s posts is like stepping into a whimsical wonderland of surprises and heartwarming feels. Whether it’s quirky videos or relatable jokes, her content is your one-way ticket to Smileville.

    With her clever mix of cute products and memes, Ellen brings her followers together in a joyous celebration of laughter and shared fun. The entertainment factor on her Instagram is off the charts, reeling you in with its delightful combo of humor and warm fuzzies.

    9. @barackobama: For Insightful and Inspirational Thoughts

    When you’re scrolling through Instagram, don’t miss out on the insightful and inspiring posts on @barackobama’s profile. The former president’s feed is like a virtual hug of positivity and hope, sprinkled with a dash of wisdom.

    Barack Obama’s posts are like warm cookies for the soul, touching on themes like unity, inclusivity, and progress. He’s like that cool uncle who always nudges you to be a better version of yourself. With his captivating captions and eye-catching visuals, Obama plants seeds of thought in your mind, pushing you to think about how you can make the world a kinder and more understanding place.

    By tackling today’s issues with heart and brains, he gets the conversation going on important topics like social justice and equality. Obama’s quest for positive change hits home for many, and he’s like a cheerleader on a mission to inspire us all to do our bit for a brighter tomorrow.

    10. @malalafund: For Empowering Stories of Girls’ Education

    Empower yourself with inspiring stories of girls’ education by checking out @malalafund’s Instagram. Dive into their feed for a dose of impactful narratives that’ll make you believe in the power of change. Malala Fund’s posts are like a ray of hope for anyone out there rooting for girls’ education and give the power toment across the globe.

    You can clearly see their passion for spreading education for girls worldwide in every post. They shine a spotlight on how education can bust through the barriers holding back young girls. By sharing the triumphs and challenges faced by these resilient individuals, Malala Fund isn’t just raising awareness – they’re sparking a fire for a more inclusive and equal world. With their charitable efforts and unwavering dedication, the Malala Fund is out there amplifying the voices of those fighting for girls’ right to education.

    11. @thebucketlistfamily: For Travel and Adventure Inspiration

    Are you ready to hop on board the adventure train with @thebucketlistfamily’s Instagram account? Get your daily dose of lifestyle inspo and travel envy as they whisk you away to dreamy destinations and unforgettable experiences. The Bucket List Family’s feed is like a magic portal to wanderlust wonderland, urging you to pack your bags and hit the road.

    Scrolling through their posts is like teleporting to picturesque vistas and cultural gems, filling you with an intense desire to jet off on your own global escapades. From jaw-dropping landscapes to heartwarming encounters with locals, The Bucket List Family’s escapades are not just entertaining – they also sprinkle a bit of curiosity and courage into your feed. Their travel tales remind you that the world is bursting with beauty and adventures, nudging you to ditch your comfort zone and chase after your dreams of exploration.

    12. @brenebrown: For Vulnerability and Courage

    You need to check out @brenebrown’s Instagram for a dose of vulnerability and courage. She’s serving up some real talk on psychology and motivation that hits you right in the feels. Brené Brown’s feed is like a cozy blanket for your soul, helping you embrace vulnerability and summon the guts to tackle life’s curveballs.

    With her deep posts and killer content, she dives headfirst into the world of authenticity and the psychology of why we do what we do. Brené’s all about building connections and uncovering your true self, pushing her followers to own their flaws and live their best lives. Her wisdom speaks to anyone tired of fitting into society’s mold and yearning for some genuine connections and self-awareness.

    How Can Following These Accounts Benefit You?

    If you give these accounts a follow, you’re in for a treat! They’ve got everything from entrepreneurial wisdom to wellness tips and heartwarming tales – talk about a diverse buffet of inspo and insights. Each account brings something special to the table, jazzing up your Instagram feed and giving you a boost in both your personal and professional journey.

    Diversify your follow list, and you’ll unlock a treasure trove of knowledge across different interests and industries. Think travel, art, fashion, or even quirky hobbies – there’s a whole world out there waiting for you to explore and get hooked on. Mixing up your content intake isn’t just about keeping your feed fresh and snazzy; it’s about fueling your curiosity and sparking new interests and ideas.

    Who knew Instagram could be such a powerhouse for creativity, self-growth, and building connections? Get ready to soak up all the good vibes, get those creative juices flowing, and build your own little community within the platform.

    What Other Types of Accounts Should You Follow for Inspiration?

    When you’re scrolling through Instagram, don’t stop at the usual suspects. Sure, follow those mentioned accounts, but why not spice things up a bit? Toss in some lifestyle brands, marketing gurus, and creative influencers for a well-rounded shot of inspiration.

    Diving into the world of different content creators on Instagram is like sipping on a rich blend of ideas. Lifestyle brands give you a taste of that aspirational living, while marketing experts serve up some digital success strategies. And those creative influencers? They’re all about showing off their innovative content creation and storytelling skills.

    Get yourself in on the action by jumping into discussions around trending hashtags. It’s like turning up the volume on your Insta game and reaching a bigger crowd. Oh, and don’t forget to let your feed be a reflection of your awesome self. Show off your unique tastes and values to cultivate a super engaging and authentic presence on Instagram.

    How Can You Use Instagram as a Source of Inspiration?

    You want to make Instagram your personal creativity playground. Start by following accounts that light a fire under your interests and goals. Curate a feed that’s so visually appealing, it could be its own work of art. Let those posts motivate you and keep you engaged. Instagram’s smorgasbord of content is your ticket to exploring new ideas, kickstarting your creativity, and finding your tribe of kindred spirits.

    When you see content that speaks to your soul, dive right in. Interact with those posts that make your creative juices flow. Leave comments that show you’re not just another silent lurker. Engage in conversations that make you feel like you’re part of something bigger. This isn’t just about hearts and likes – it’s about building a community. By being an active, supportive citizen of Instagram, you can forge connections that go beyond the screen. Who knows? Your next collaboration or networking opportunity might just be a comment away.

    What Are the Benefits of Surrounding Yourself with Positive Content?

    When you fill your Instagram feed with positivity, you’re basically giving your mental well-being a spa day. You’ll feel more fired up, inspired, and ready to take on the world. Positive vibes don’t just make your mind happy – they also amp up your creativity and push you towards personal growth and success in this crazy digital age.

    Plus, surrounding yourself with feel-good content creates this cool online tribe where everyone’s hyping each other up. By curating your feed with all things positive, you’re setting the stage for an Instagram experience that’s full of good vibes and resilience, cutting through the noise of social media. It’s like getting a little daily pep talk and high-five, reminding you of how awesome you are and helping you see the bright side of life. Time to sprinkle some positivity on that feed!

    How Can You Create Your Own Inspiring Instagram Feed?

    When you’re crafting your own jaw-dropping Instagram feed, it’s like curating an art gallery in cyberspace! You gotta think strategically about your content, focusing on those eye-catching visuals, lifestyle snaps, and posts that scream “YOU.” Throw in a dash of fashion, a sprinkle of beauty, and a whole lot of your unique interests to keep your audience hooked and show off your one-of-a-kind style.

    Why not shake things up a bit? Dive into different content themes like globetrotting adventures, motivational quotes, or sneak peeks behind the curtain to add some spice to your feed. And don’t forget those visual storytelling tricks – stick to a consistent editing style or color scheme to give your grid that polished look. But hey, always keep it real! Authenticity is key to building a loyal crew of followers who vibe with your vibe.

    Oh, and speaking of vibes, keep that branding game strong! Whether it’s a signature color palette or some snazzy design elements, make sure your feed looks like it’s all part of the same cool club. That way, you’ll create a visual identity that’s as memorable as your best selfie.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What are some must-follow Instagram accounts for inspiration in 2024?

    Some must-follow Instagram accounts for inspiration in 2024 include @creativemornings for creative ideas and talks, @theskinnyconfidential for lifestyle and wellness inspiration, and @garyvee for business and entrepreneurial motivation.

    Why should I follow these Instagram accounts for inspiration in 2024?

    These Instagram accounts offer a diverse range of content and perspectives, helping to broaden your horizons and spark new ideas for personal and professional growth.

    Are these accounts relevant to current and future trends?

    Yes, these accounts are constantly evolving and staying up-to-date with current and future trends, providing valuable insight and inspiration for the years to come.

    How can these Instagram accounts help me in 2024?

    These accounts can help you stay motivated, inspired, and informed about various topics such as creativity, wellness, business, and more. They can also connect you with like-minded individuals and communities for networking and collaboration opportunities.

    Are there any specific themes or niches represented in these must-follow Instagram accounts?

    Yes, some specific themes or niches represented in these accounts include entrepreneurship, creativity, self-care, personal growth, and lifestyle. However, they also offer a wide range of content and perspectives beyond these categories.

    Do I have to be on Instagram to follow these accounts?

    While Instagram is the primary platform for these accounts, some also have a presence on other social media platforms or websites. However, following them on Instagram will give you access to their full range of content and community engagement.

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