How to Add Music to Instagram Story Without Sticker?

Are you looking to spice up your Instagram stories with some catchy tunes? Adding music to your Instagram stories can make them more engaging and entertaining for your followers. If you’re wondering how to save Instagram story with music, check out our guide for easy steps!

We explore how to add music on Instagram story, both with and without the sticker feature. From using the music feature in Instagram camera to utilizing third-party music apps, we’ve got you covered.

Let’s dive in and get your Instagram stories grooving!

Key Takeaways:

  • Don’t have access to the music sticker on Instagram? Try using the music feature in the camera or a third-party app to add music to your story.
  • Change your location with a VPN or use a third-party app if the music feature is not available in your region.
  • Get creative with adding music to your story by recording a video with music playing in the background or using Instagram’s music library in Reels.
  • What is Instagram Story?

    Instagram Story is a feature on the Instagram app that allows users to share photos and videos in a slideshow format that disappears after 24 hours.

    With the rise of social media, Instagram Story has become a powerful tool for individuals and businesses alike to engage with their audience in a more dynamic and interactive way. The beauty of Instagram Story lies in its ephemeral nature, creating a sense of urgency and FOMO (fear of missing out) among viewers, driving higher engagement rates. Learn how to add music to Instagram Story without stickers for a more personalized touch.

    One unique feature that sets Instagram Story apart is the ability to add interactive elements like polls, questions, countdowns, and the popular geotag sticker that allows users to share their location.Highlights, another standout feature, allow users to save and showcase their favorite Stories beyond the 24-hour limit, adding a layer of permanence to otherwise transient content.

    Why Add Music to Instagram Story?

    Adding music to your Instagram Story can enhance the overall vibe and engagement of your post, making it more interactive and appealing to your audience.

    By including music in your Stories, you can set the mood and tone of your content effortlessly. Spotify and SoundCloud are great platforms to discover a vast array of tracks that cater to different emotions and themes, allowing you to select the perfect soundtrack for your Story. This can create a more immersive experience for your followers, drawing them in and prompting them to spend more time engaging with your content. Music adds a dynamic element that can convey feelings and messages more powerfully than visuals alone, effectively resonating with your audience on a deeper level.

    What Are the Benefits of Adding Music to Instagram Story?

    Adding music to your Instagram Story provides users with a creative way to express themselves, set a mood, and engage their audience.

    By integrating music into your stories, you create an immersive experience that captivates viewers’ attention, making them more likely to watch till the end. With the vast music library available through platforms like Apple Music, you have a multitude of options to find the perfect soundtrack for your content. This not only adds a layer of emotional resonance to your posts but also enables you to connect with your audience on a deeper level. By personalizing your stories with music, you can make them stand out amidst the sea of standard Instagram posts, garnering increased interaction and shares.

    How to Add Music to Instagram Story with Sticker?

    To add music to your Instagram Story using a sticker, follow these simple steps to elevate your post with your favorite tunes.

    First, open your Instagram app and swipe left to access the camera interface for creating a new Story. Once you’ve captured or selected the photo or video you want to use, click on the sticker icon at the top of the screen. Scroll through the sticker options until you find the ‘Music’ sticker. Tap on it to begin the magic.

    Next, you will be prompted to search for a song to accompany your Story. Type in the name of the song or artist you wish to feature and select the desired track from the results. You can also choose a specific segment from the song by editing the lyrics for your Story.

    Step 1: Open Instagram and Create a Story

    The first step to adding music to your Instagram Story is to open the Instagram app and start creating a new Story post.

    When you open the Instagram app, tap on your profile picture at the top left corner to access the Story creation interface. This is where the magic begins! You can take a photo or record a video directly, or choose from your camera roll by swiping up. Don’t forget to use the pen tools to add your personal touch with drawings, text, or emojis. It’s essential to engage your audience with creative elements that resonate with your content theme.

    Step 2: Choose a Photo or Video to Add to Your Story

    Select a photo or video from your gallery that you want to include in your Instagram Story before proceeding to the next step of adding music.

    Once you have chosen the perfect visual for your Story post, it’s time to enhance it with engaging elements. In the second step of the process, consider using cohesive filters, vibrant stickers, or captivating text overlays to make your content stand out. Utilize editing apps like InShot for iOS to fine-tune the aesthetics of your image or video. Remember, the visual aspect of your Story plays a crucial role in capturing the attention of your audience, so ensure your selection aligns with the message or mood you want to convey.

    Step 3: Select the Sticker Icon from the Top Right Corner

    Next, tap on the sticker icon located in the top right corner of your screen to access the sticker options available for your Instagram Story.

    Once you’ve tapped on the sticker icon, a wide array of choices will pop up, allowing you to elevate your Story with creativity and flair. From interactive question boxes to vibrant GIFs and countdown timers, Instagram offers a plethora of engaging features to make your content stand out. For those seeking trendy options, you’ll find stickers inspired by current events and popular platforms like TikTok. Play around with these stickers to enhance your posts and captivate your audience’s attention.

    Step 4: Select the Music Sticker

    Choose the music sticker option from the list of available stickers to add a musical element to your Instagram Story post.

    When selecting the music sticker for your Instagram Story, you’ll find a variety of song choices curated based on popular trends and genres. Make sure to browse through the options to find a track that complements the mood or theme of your post. Whether you prefer upbeat tunes for a lively atmosphere or soothing melodies for a calming effect, Instagram offers a diverse selection to suit your preferences.

    Customization options for the music sticker include adjusting the size, position, and style to seamlessly blend with your Story’s aesthetic. Experiment with different fonts, colors, and animations to make your post stand out.

    Step 5: Search for a Song or Browse Categories

    Explore the music library by searching for a specific song or browsing categories to find the perfect track that suits your Instagram Story.

    To search for a song, simply tap on the music icon in your Instagram Story creation tool. From there, you can use the search bar to type in the song title or artist name. If you prefer browsing by category, scroll through options such as ‘Popular,’ ‘Mood,’ or ‘Genre’ to discover new tunes. Don’t forget to consider the region-specific categories for a cultural flair. Once you’ve chosen the ideal track, customize how it appears in your Story by adjusting the playback speed and adding lyrics or stickers for a personalized touch.

    Step 6: Customize the Music Sticker

    After selecting a song, customize the music sticker by adjusting its size, position, and other settings to complement your Instagram Story post.

    One option you have is to change the color of the music sticker to match the overall aesthetic of your Story. This can be done by tapping on the sticker and selecting a color from the palette.

    You can experiment with various methods to animate the music sticker, such as making it pulsate or bounce in time with the rhythm of the song. This adds a dynamic element to your Story and makes it more engaging for your followers.

    How to Add Music to Instagram Story without Sticker?

    In cases where you prefer not to use a sticker, there are alternative methods to add music to your Instagram Story directly without the sticker feature.

    One straightforward way to incorporate music into your Instagram Story is by utilizing the platform’s built-in music feature. This option allows you to browse through a diverse selection of tracks to find the perfect background vibe for your content. Simply select the ‘Add Music’ option while creating your Story, search for a song in the music library, and then customize how you want it to appear in your post.

    Alternatively, if you want a more extensive music library or additional customization options, you can explore using third-party apps specially designed for enhancing your Instagram Stories with songs. These apps offer various features such as editing tools, sound effects, and even the ability to add lyrics to your posts, providing a creative edge to your storytelling.

    Method 1: Use the Music Feature in Instagram Camera

    Utilize the music feature within the Instagram Camera to add songs directly to your videos or photos in the Story creation process.

    When you enter the Instagram Camera, swipe to the right to access the ‘Music’ option. From there, you can browse through a vast library of songs by genre, mood, or what’s trending. Once you have selected the perfect track, you can adjust the playback speed and choose the specific part of the song you want to use in your Story.

    Integrating a geotag sticker alongside the music can enhance your content by providing location context. This feature allows you to add a specific location sticker that dynamically updates to show where you are when the Story is viewed. By combining songs and geotags, you create engaging and interactive visuals for your audience.

    Method 2: Use a Third-Party Music App

    Another method to add music to your Instagram Story is by utilizing third-party music apps that offer direct integration with the platform.

    One popular choice is Apple Music, which allows users to easily select their favorite tracks and seamlessly share them on their Instagram Stories. Likewise, Spotify also provides a user-friendly interface that enables sharing music directly from the app to your Instagram account.

    By utilizing these external apps, users can access a wider range of songs, curated playlists, and personalized recommendations to enhance their Instagram Stories. The flexibility and extensive library of music offered by platforms like Apple Music and Spotify ensure that users can find the perfect soundtrack to complement their posts.

    What to Do if the Music Feature is Not Available in Your Region?

    If the music feature is not accessible in your region, there are alternative methods to change your location and still add music to your Instagram Story.

    One popular workaround for accessing unavailable music features in specific regions is through using a Virtual Private Network (VPN). By connecting to a VPN server in a different location, you can bypass regional restrictions and enjoy the full range of music options on Instagram. It’s essential to use a reliable VPN service to ensure privacy and security.

    Alternatively, some users resort to third-party apps that offer additional music integration options. These applications can provide access to a wide selection of songs and soundtracks, allowing you to enhance your Instagram Stories with personalized music content, regardless of your region’s restrictions.

    Method 1: Use a VPN to Change Your Location

    Employ a Virtual Private Network (VPN) to alter your device’s location settings, granting access to the full range of music features for your Instagram Story.

    When you connect to a VPN, it establishes a secure connection between your device and a server in another location, masking your actual whereabouts. By selecting a server in a different region, you trick Instagram into thinking you’re there, making the music features available. This way, you can access a wide array of songs, snippets, and soundtracks to enhance your stories creatively. Using a VPN not only widens your options but also adds a layer of privacy and security, safeguarding your online activities from prying eyes.

    Method 2: Use a Third-Party Music App

    Alternatively, resort to utilizing third-party music apps that circumvent regional restrictions, enabling you to include music in your Instagram Story seamlessly.

    These apps, such as Spotify, Apple Music, or SoundCloud, provide a wide selection of songs that you can easily integrate into your stories without the hurdles posed by geographical limitations. By using these third-party apps, individuals have the flexibility to choose from a vast library of tracks, including those from well-known labels like Sony Music, enhancing the creativity of their Instagram posts. These platforms often offer customization options for adding background music or sound effects to your stories, allowing for a personalized touch to engage your audience further.

    What Are the Alternative Ways to Add Music to Instagram Story?

    Apart from traditional methods, there are creative alternatives to infuse music into your Instagram Story posts, offering unique ways to engage your audience.

    One method gaining popularity is to record engaging videos with carefully selected background music, adding a vibrant touch to your Stories. Tapping into Instagram’s extensive music library when creating Reels can add a professional and polished feel to your content. Utilizing features like the ‘Music’ sticker not only enhances the auditory experience but also helps in reaching a broader audience. Experimenting with different genres and styles can help you find the perfect music that resonates with your brand’s identity.

    Method 1: Record a Video with Music Playing in the Background

    Record engaging videos with music playing in the background to create dynamic and captivating Instagram Story content that resonates with your audience.

    To begin, select a suitable background music track that complements the theme or mood of your video. Incorporate the music by playing it on another device while recording your video on Instagram. Make sure that the volume is adjusted correctly, so it enhances your content without overpowering your voice or visuals. Utilize Instagram’s editing features to add further creativity, such as using the geotag sticker or adding text overlays.

    After recording, consider saving the video to your Highlights to increase visibility and engagement with your followers. Remember, the key is to create videos that not only entertain but also leave a lasting impression on your audience.

    Method 2: Use Instagram’s Music Library in Reels

    Leverage Instagram’s extensive music library available in Reels to enhance your Instagram Story posts with a wide selection of songs and tracks.

    With Instagram’s music library at your fingertips, you can easily infuse your Stories with the perfect soundtrack, allowing you to add depth and emotion to your content. The diverse range of genres and moods in the library enables you to cater to various themes and vibes in your Stories, ensuring they capture your audience’s attention effectively. By incorporating music from Reels into your Stories, you can keep your content fresh and engaging, enhancing viewer retention and interaction. This feature give the power tos you to craft captivating Stories that resonate with your followers on a whole new level.

    Final Thoughts

    Adding music to your Instagram Story through stickers or alternative methods can significantly enhance the creativity and engagement of your posts, offering a personalized touch to your shared content.

    By incorporating music, you can elevate the mood of your Story and make it more dynamic. To achieve maximum impact, consider selecting songs that complement the mood or theme of your content. Utilizing the ‘Music’ feature directly from Instagram’s database can simplify the process, offering a wide range of popular tracks to choose from. Remember to adjust the volume and duration of the music to ensure it doesn’t overpower your visuals or message. Learn how to add music to Instagram story after posting for more insights.

    Learn how to add music to Instagram post without a sticker by following these steps.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How to Add Music to Instagram Story Without Sticker?

    Can I add music to my Instagram story without using a sticker? Yes, there are other ways to add music to your story without using a sticker.

    How to Add Music to Instagram Story Without Sticker?

    What are alternative methods to add music to my Instagram story? You can use the music sticker, the “Music” feature, or the “Share to Your Story” option.

    How to Add Music to Instagram Story Without Sticker?

    How do I use the “Music” feature to add music to my story? Simply tap on the “Music” option when creating your story, search for a song, and select the desired section to add to your story.

    How to Add Music to Instagram Story Without Sticker?

    Can I add music to my story after it has been posted? Unfortunately, you cannot add music to a story after it has been posted without using a sticker.

    How to Add Music to Instagram Story Without Sticker?

    Is there a way to add music to my Instagram story without the sticker covering the background? Yes, you can use the “Share to Your Story” option to add music without a sticker covering the background.

    How to Add Music to Instagram Story Without Sticker?

    Are there any limitations to adding music to my Instagram story without a sticker? Currently, the “Share to Your Story” option only allows you to choose from a selection of popular songs. You cannot choose a specific section of a song to add to your story without using the sticker.

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