How to Add Music to Instagram Post?

Are you looking to add an extra touch of creativity and personality to your Instagram posts? One way to achieve this is by incorporating music into your Instagram story.

We explore different methods of adding music to your Instagram posts, including using the Instagram Music Library, adding music from your phone’s library, and utilizing third-party apps for Instagram story.

We also discuss the types of music you can add, tips for choosing the right music, ensuring your music is copyright-free, editing music in your posts, and changing music on Instagram posts after posting.

Let’s dive in!

Key Takeaways:

  • Adding music to Instagram posts can make them more engaging and fun for your followers.
  • You can easily add music to your Instagram posts through the Instagram music library, your phone’s library, or third-party apps.
  • When choosing music for your post, consider popular songs, original music, or copyright-free options, and make sure to properly credit and edit the music if necessary.
  • Why Add Music to Instagram Posts?

    Adding music to Instagram posts enhances engagement with your audience and adds a dynamic element to your content creation process.

    Music has a powerful way of evoking emotions and setting the mood for your visual content, making it more captivating and memorable for your viewers.

    Integrating carefully selected songs into your posts can create a connection with your audience on a deeper level, allowing them to experience your message through a blend of auditory and visual stimulation. This fusion enhances storytelling capabilities, enabling you to convey your brand message or personal narrative in a more impactful manner.

    How to Add Music to Instagram Posts?

    To add music to your Instagram posts, you can leverage various methods that seamlessly integrate music into your visual content.

    Using the Instagram Music Library

    Utilizing the Instagram Music Library offers a convenient way to access a wide range of tracks, artists, and genres to enhance your posts.

    When adding music to your Instagram posts, you can easily elevate the mood and engagement of your content. The process begins with tapping on the sticker icon when creating a story or post. Next, select the Music sticker option, which will open up a vast collection of songs categorized by mood, genre, or what’s trending. Users can then preview tracks, search for specific artists, or explore curated playlists. The library features a mix of popular hits, classics, and emerging talents across various musical styles.

    Adding Music from Your Phone’s Library

    Adding music from your phone’s library allows you to personalize your posts with tracks from your favorite artists and albums.

    Once you’ve selected the perfect song, you can easily integrate it into your Instagram post by following a few simple steps. First, open the Instagram app on your device and begin creating a new post. While composing your post, look for the music icon located in the sticker option bar. Click on this icon and you’ll be directed to the music library on your phone. From there, you can search for the track or album you wish to feature in your post.

    Once you’ve found the perfect music, select the specific snippet of the song you want to add to your post. Instagram offers a convenient feature that allows you to choose the exact portion of the song you want to include. This way, you can set the mood and tone of your post with precision.

    Using Third-Party Apps

    Exploring third-party apps for adding music to Instagram posts opens up a world of creative possibilities and unique soundtracks.

    One of the key benefits of using third-party music apps on Instagram is the ability to customize your posts with a wide range of music genres and sound effects. This can add a whole new dimension to your content and make it more engaging for your audience. These apps often come with user-friendly interfaces, making it easy for even the most tech-challenged users to add music seamlessly. By incorporating music into your posts, you can create a more immersive experience for your followers and increase the overall appeal of your profile.

    What Types of Music Can You Add to Instagram Posts?

    Instagram users can incorporate a diverse range of music types into their posts, including popular songs, original compositions, and copyright-free tracks.

    Popular Songs

    Incorporating popular songs into your Instagram posts can elevate your content’s appeal and resonate with a broader audience.

    By choosing the right tracks that align with your brand image and target demographic, you can enhance audience engagement and establish a deeper connection with your followers.

    Utilizing trending music in your posts not only increases your brand recognition but also improves the chances of your content going viral.

    Remember to pay attention to the mood, message, and tempo of the songs you select to ensure they complement your visuals and captions seamlessly.

    Original Music

    Creating and sharing original music on Instagram allows users to showcase their creativity, connect with their audience, and establish a unique brand identity.

    By featuring original music in your Instagram posts, you can add an authentic touch to your content, making it stand out amidst the sea of popular trends. This authenticity not only captures the attention of your followers but also builds trust and loyalty towards your brand. Through original compositions, you have the freedom to express your artistic vision and resonate with your audience on a deeper level, creating an emotional connection that goes beyond just visuals.

    Copyright-Free Music

    Using copyright-free music in your Instagram posts ensures compliance with legal regulations and allows for seamless sharing without copyright concerns.

    When adding music to your Instagram content, it’s essential to consider the legal aspects surrounding music usage. By opting for royalty-free music, creators can avoid potential copyright violations and safeguard their posts against takedown requests or legal actions. Platforms like YouTube Audio Library, Epidemic Sound, and PremiumBeat offer a plethora of copyright-free tracks for various moods and genres, allowing users to find the perfect sound to enhance their content.

    Understanding licensing considerations is crucial to ensure full compliance with intellectual property laws. By utilizing music that is explicitly labeled as copyright-free or licensed under Creative Commons, Instagram users can confidently share their posts without worrying about infringing on the rights of music creators. Learn how to add music to Instagram video easily.

    The benefits of incorporating copyright-free music extend beyond legal compliance. These tracks enable a broader audience to access and engage with your content, enhancing its appeal and resonance. Music has the power to elevate the emotional impact of Instagram posts, making them more captivating and memorable for viewers.

    Tips for Choosing the Right Music for Your Instagram Post

    Selecting the perfect music for your Instagram post involves considering factors such as tone, audience preferences, and alignment with your content theme.

    How to Make Sure Your Music is Copyright-Free?

    To verify that your music is copyright-free, you can utilize online platforms, licensing databases, or consult with music rights organizations for confirmation.

    What to Do If Your Music is Copyrighted?

    If you discover that the music in your Instagram post is copyrighted, consider replacing it with royalty-free tracks, seeking permission from the rights holder, or exploring licensing options to avoid copyright infringement.

    How to Edit Music in Your Instagram Post?

    Editing music in your Instagram post allows you to fine-tune audio levels, adjust timings, and create seamless transitions to enhance the overall impact of your content.

    Best Practices for Adding Music to Instagram Posts

    Enhance the impact of your Instagram posts by following best practices for music integration, including aligning music with your content theme, maintaining audio quality, and engaging your audience through immersive sound experiences.


    Incorporating music into your Instagram posts elevates the visual storytelling experience, deepens audience engagement, and adds a layer of creativity to your content creation process.

    When you infuse music into your Instagram content, you are not just sharing a post; you are curating an immersive experience that resonates with your audience on a deeper emotional level. The right track can evoke nostalgia, excitement, or even calm, setting the perfect backdrop for your visual narrative. This fusion of audio and visual elements creates a multi-sensory journey for your followers, capturing their attention and leaving a lasting impression.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How do I add music to my Instagram post?

    To add music to your Instagram post, follow these simple steps:

    1. Open the Instagram app and tap on the camera icon in the top left corner.
    2. Select the photo or video you want to post.
    3. Tap on the sticker icon at the top of the screen.
    4. Scroll to the music sticker and tap on it.
    5. Search for a song or browse through the available options.
    6. Select the portion of the song you want to use and adjust the length.
    7. Tap on “Done” to add the music to your post.
    8. Share your post as usual and the music will automatically play when your followers view it. Learn how to add your music to your Instagram story!

    Can I add my own music to Instagram post?

    Yes, you can add your own music to Instagram post if it is available on the app’s music library. If not, you can use a third-party app to add your own music to your post before uploading it to Instagram.

    Why can’t I find the music sticker on my Instagram account?

    The music sticker is only available in certain countries at the moment. If you cannot find it on your account, it may not be available in your region yet. You can try changing your location settings or using a VPN to access the music sticker.

    Can I add multiple songs to one Instagram post?

    No, you can only add one song to an Instagram post using the music sticker. However, you can add multiple songs to your Instagram story by using the music sticker multiple times.

    Do I need to have a music streaming account to use the music sticker on Instagram?

    No, you do not need to have a music streaming account to use the music sticker on Instagram. The app’s music library is available for all users to access and use in their posts.

    Can I choose which part of the song to play on my Instagram post?

    Yes, you can select the portion of the song you want to play on your Instagram post by adjusting the length of the music sticker. This allows you to customize the music to fit your post perfectly.

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